Cover Reveal #9 - Sequels *UPDATE!*

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wew, a LOT new covers of series I-already and going-to follow revealed this month and they are sooo pretty! I'm such a sucker of beautiful cover! This time I'll post new covers for sequels. I'll do the new series' next month. Be careful, this might crash your mouse scroll, LOL. So here they are! =D


Through The Ever Night
by Veronica Rossi
Expected release date : January 2013

I was practically SQUEALING while seeing this cover. I'm soooo in love with Under The Never Sky's and this is the perfect sequel's cover! I love the model (I should picture him as Perry while I read this series =D), the pretty colors, and the same effect as before. Totally can't wait to see this beside my UTNS book! =D

by Lauren deStefano
Expected release date : February 2013

I read deStefano talking about Sever's cover reveal right before I wanted to turn off my phone and went to sleep last night. I was so excited and wanted to wait 2 hours more but too bad my eyes already so heavy. So this cover was the first thing I searched after I woke up and WOW! It's just sooo pretty. The model, the dress, and the settings are so perfect together like previous covers. But. Yeah, it's still have a 'but' for me.
I think the green background is too vibrant and too plain and doesn't quite fit with the premise and mood of the story. If only they used the darker green, it might be nicer and went along well with the rest covers. I don't know if they wanted to reach something from the vibrant green background, it's only an opinion from amateur designer like me =p.
However it would be very good on our shelf though ;)

Perfect Scoundrels
by Ally Carter
Expected release date : February 2013

Found this through Carter's and Hollywood Crush's Twitter, and I LOVE IT! =D Somehow this is my favorite from this series' cover, maybe because Kat wears pink shirt and helloooouw there W.W. Hale! xD I think I'll buy this series in english version.

Indigo Spell
by Richelle Mead
Expected release date : February 2013

Probably Indigo Blue's cover was the most awaiting one for me. And dang! I accidentally found this floating on Twitter-verse (LOL) and it's still pretty like previous covers. Just wondering who's the boy behind Sidney, and hellooooooow Adrian!!! *run and hug*

by Brodi Ashton
Expected release date : January 2013

To be honest I was a bit not sure whether I like this or not, I think the orange-ish background is a bit unmatch. I still like Everneath's cover more. However I still love the smoke effect on the black dress, it's just so gorgeous!

by Cynthia Hand
Expected release date : January 2013

I think this one is the prettiest among all Unearthly's covers. I love the color tint (so sweet and pink! =D) and love the model's pose.

Deep Betrayal
by Anna Greenwood Brown
Expected release date : 2013

Underwater photographs are very awesome and I really love them, like Mara Dyer series, Imaginary Girls series and this series. Deep Betrayal's cover is as pretty as Lies Beneath's although it has less photoshop effects =D

Breaking Point
by Kristen Simmons
Expected release date : February 2013

As a big fan of Dystopia series, I love the devastating and destroyed city in Article 5 cover that fit the theme very well, and thankfully the sequel's cover follows it. The cover likely shows a progression, while Article 5's cover shows two persons observe the city from far away, at this they show those two enter the city. Hm... I should get this series soon! =D

Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Destroy Me
by Tahereh Mafi
Goodreads page :
Unravel Me, Destroy Me

Wew, 3 cover revealed of one series, and they're very very marvelous! They're so unique with crazy manipulation, I love how they combined the sky as the eye shadow, tree's branches as eye lashes and waterfall as tears, and they're so colorful and the colors blend really well. WOW!
Although I already have Shatter Me with old version, I really want this version of Shatter Me! ;A;

by Dwan Rae Miller

One thing makes me really want to read this series is because Larkstorm, the first book, has beautiful cover. My eyes were balling out when I saw Larkstorm will have a sequel with lovely title, Nightingale. It sounds really pretty as the cover do =D I have to get this series soon as well.


by Becca Fitzpatrick
Expected release date : October 2012

This was already being revealed a while ago but I want to include it here.
Although I don't enjoy this series as much as many people do, I admit this series has a simply intriguing and beautiful covers. I love they set into black and white and also somehow show a story preogression. This one is probably my favorite, along with Silence's =)

by Lauren Oliver
Expected release date : March 2013

Because I love the cover of this series, I've excitedly waited for the cover of Requiem and quite surprised it revealed right after I posted this -_-; and yeay, it fits my prediction that it might be as pretty as before and the color might be red. Totally can't wait to get this book sit on my shelf with her siblings =D

Dead Silence
by Kimberly Derting
Expected release date : April 2013

Looks like we will have some final book with red-color cover. I always like The Body Finder's cover concept (although I don't really understand what the relation with the story =p) and this one may get along with the rest, although I didn't expect it would be red.

Blood-kissed Sky
by J.A. London
Expected release date : December 2012

I'm a sucker of almost anything in black and white and book's cover is not the exception. This used to be just black and white but then the publisher decided to give a bit color in it. I actually love this, but just too bad it has obvious similarity with Lauren Kate's Fallen series. Maybe they add color so it wouldn't be too similar anymore, well who knows =p

by Dan Wells
Expected release date : February 2013

I'm quite sure now that Dystopia series mostly has interesting cover, this one as well =D. This is very pretty and intriguing, and I'm happy for the girl on the cover, she has a (boy)friend now xDDD

Aaaaaaah, so much prettiness, so much amateur babbling as well, please forgive me of my inappropriate comments xD
Which cover do you love the most? What do you think about them?


Hilda K said...

Awesome post, Elisa! <3 I really like all the covers you post. :) EEEEP! I haven't read Under the Never Sky yet, but I so fall in love with Through the Ever Night! <3 The color is sooo pretty. Sever has really pretty cover, but like you, I'm not a fan of the green color! It's too bright in my opinion. The Indigo Spell! Gosh Adrian can grace the cover anytime! <3

Thank you for sharing! x)

Jaskirat@SeeitORreadit said...

WOW! There are so many awesome cover reveals going on these days! I love the cover for Finale and I am totally looking forward to reading the rest of the Shatter Me series! The covers all look so bright :-) Oh and I agree, Perfect Scoundrels has an AMAZING cover! I can't wait to read the book :-)


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