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Hellow there who spent their time to visit this page! =D So I pressume you want to know more about me and yeah! I feel so grateful that someone is curious about me! YAY! *smile widely*

So here's the place where I spoil some things about me that are considered to be okay to be shared in a wide wide world. Be prepare for some unrelated and random babbling, because I'm as random as that =D


This short-fatty-nerd-like-girl-a.k.a-me name is Elisa, I think u know this since I already put it at the upper right bar, and I have several nicknames because all syllables in my name can be used to call me : Elle, Lis, and Sa or sometimes Cha. So it's from where I got an idea to naming this blog. So simple right? =p


I don't like to talk about age *facepalm* because believe me I still young in heart and don't act like what I should have to on my age. I just can give you a hint that I've been a career girl for several years and was that 90's kids that fancy a lot of boy bands who are a bit aging nowadays.

For ones who already known my age, woops, I get caught! LOL


Although this blog mostly written in grammatical-fail English, I genuine Indonesian and live in the most comfortable city in this country. Yeah that 'small' country with ENORMOUS number of waters and islands =) and yeah that famous Bali is a part of this country, if you curious about it, perhaps =p


Are (obviously) books, mangas, music (especially K-pop, I've been drowning into it since high school), arts, buildings, antiques, flowers, nail polishes, dogs and other furry animals, stationeries and generally cute or weird or colorful or pretty things.


Although I hold a bachelor degree in Architecture, I spent most of my middle twenties life at the office, I a full-time worker as a Product Designer for a Furniture Export Manufacture. Still struggle to find a job I truly desire though, which is still related to art, hopefully =)

I hope this explain why this blog is very lacking in updates *sniff*


Basically I like writing and passively babbling.

Beside this blog I also have a livejournal (which is pretty dead now) and use it for sharing some things happen in my life and sharing some art I've done. I've even written some fanfic (which is unfinished. Too bad) to fill the free time when I was a university student. I was inspired to do book blogging by an amazing book blogger Amber from Down The Rabbit Hole. It sounds fun to share my thoughts of books I've read and also meets with the other fellow bloggers around the world =)


I love to read Young Adult and Adult novels in almost all genre. So if you love those too, you come in a right place! =D

So, nice to meet you guys!

I hope you can enjoy your stay here. I hope I can run this blog for a long time (I easily get bored /=) and constantly develop my English, writing and review skills.

Happy reading! =D


Elisa Fernandes said...

Just randomly found your blog and I love it! And I thought it was super funny that we share the same name :P

I have a book blog too, go figure. If you'd like to see it here it is:

Btw I love your blog design!

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