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Monday, January 11, 2016

Holla~! =D

I hope everyone will have another great life and accomplish one or two or more target(s) this year! *AMEN*
I've stopped making resolution list since forever ago and just walk my life as how it flows. I'm the most unambitious girl, I know =p and a thing about my life is : things I've planned tend to not work really well, most of them fail miserably coz there are always spontaneous things happen in between and I'm kinda mood-swinger and bipolar person =__= . But yeah I still hope i can do my best in life (again) this year, and especially related to this blog, I hope I could read more books and *maybe* write some things here. I have abandoned my shelf and practically my dearly blog for quite a while and suddenly I started reading around 2 months ago and I realized how I missed this T^T.

I've read some sexy books in last 2 months : Katie McGarry's Pushing the Limits and Dare You To, which are VERY GOOD and I REALLY love btw ♥ (finally found a new favorite contemporary series, yay!) 8D, and the last book of the sexy Sweet Tetralogy, Sweet Temptation
Because I enjoyed them a lot I have plan to write reviews of them, maybe in summary to tell you why I love these books =D

As for my kpop and fandom life, on 2nd day of this month my sister and I attended K.R.Y concert, YAY!
So let's talk about this a 'bit' =)

(I'm taking some photos and fancams but since I sat a bit too far and my fancams are too shaky it's better for me not to share them, huhu)

I've never thought they would come and hold a concert here in my country as an SJ sub-unit so I was pretty much excited, because in my opinion 3 of them have the best and most distinct vocals in industries. And I really love SJ's ballad songs which mostly sung by them. You can call me biased coz they are from the most beloved group of mine but in reality you barely could find voices like theirs in any other idol group ;)). Especially I really love Kyuhyun's voice since I heard him on his debut days ♥. He's not my bias but I have this spot softer than marshmallow here inside me for him.

We bought the cheapest tickets which located at the most far section ^^; Well, we thought this concert would be the chilled one because their songs are entirely ballad so we just needed to sit and enjoy the show altho it's a bit far from the stage; and we were so lucky to get them because when the time ticket was sold, the website was crush pretty badly it took me around 30 minutes to access it, and that cheapest section was immediately sold out in the very day. Maybe this was the most tiring online-ticket-reserving I've ever done in my entire life lol

Unexpectedly, the section we were sat on was not that far from the stage (unlike at SS4 which I practically used big screens to see them in big picture). I was quite hyped up in a ballad concert with no dance or explosive performances like the usual Super Show. I was not disappointed though for unknown reason my body was really hurt so bad afterward. In fact it's fantastically very satisfying for me and maybe it's the most beautiful concert/stage I've ever seen ♥. The visual effects for each stage are very very amazing 0A0 (especially for Lunar Eclipse stage, just wow ♥) and also the floating light bulbs which kept changing their color and formation, it was so beautiful and added some magical atmosphere on the stage. The 3 of them showed their best vocal performance especially Yesung because people have missed him like crazy and this was his first performance in my country after he finished his mandatory. Moreover we also got Teuki oppa joined this concert and gave his best singing Huh Gak's Hello, also he added some funny and cheerful atmosphere on the stage xD. All of them showed their best performance on this last KRY tour, but for me the memorable ones were from Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, maybe because this was their last concert here before their enlistment this year so I felt a bit emotional :')

Ryeowook moved me hard by adorably using a lot of Bahasa Indonesia; in his speech, his cute letter and songs, and he's really good in it ♥. I've expected they would sing at least one Indonesia song, instead we got Ryeowook singing 2 songs ; "Separuh Aku" by Noah (one of the most popular band in my country, btw) and "Bunga Terakhir" by Bebi Romeo which he has ever sung at last SS6 here. AND HE SANG THEM AMAZINGLY IN PITCH PERFECT I STILL CANNOT MOVE ON FROM THEM ;A; ♥. I'm not really listening to my own country songs but I really like this Ryeonggu's version, hahaha xp.

Then for the ballad prince Cho Kyuhyun, he's so evil to make me cried several times, and this time was not exception. I had a hope he would sing his last beautiful single "멀어지던 날 (The Day We Felt the Distance)" but instead he sang his very famous cover song from Park Hyo Shin, "야생화 (Wild Flower)" which I also really love so much. I was not expecting that and it hit the soft spot in me, seeing him sang it with my own eyes then unconsciously my eyes shed a LOT of tears TTTwTTT. Bad you but ♥ you and your heavenly voice, ChoKyu TTvTT

Though I feel so thankful I decided to attend KRY INA, it was still a bittersweet moment. This concert is the last SJ/KRY tour in my country before they take quite a long hiatus (3-effin'-years start last year) and Ryeowook-Kyuhyun will soon join the other 5 at the mandatory service sometime in this year. I've been missing the enlisted members so bad and soon gonna miss the vocalist magnaes T^T
But well they're still here and there was a news Ryeowook and Kyuhyun (AGAIN) will soon release a solo album. YAY! Definitely cannot wait! 8D
People actually have anticipated Yesung's solo album since he released from the army but I think I can understand why they plan to release KyuWook's instead. Like... Kyu is really using this 'group-resting' moment very diligently huh but I definitely not against it ♥

So yeah what a great thing to start a year for me! =D
I really hope I can back active in here, writing some reviews or stuffs. Well I've stated this won't be only a book review blog tho so if maybe if you don't like the content of my blog, although it might sadden me... well u can do thing you want to do ;)

Have a nice day, everyone! ^^


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