K-HAUL #01

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hi there! =D
credit as tagged, gonna make a proper banner for this post haha~ enjoy the cute BAP for a while ;)
Probably this is my first post about KPOP in this blog. Yay for meeee~ \0/

Okay, so today before I go to vacation for 10 days ahead, I want to show you some K-goods I've gotten this month.
My sister and me ordered like tons of things and have expected to get most of them in the end of July, but we got only less than a half of the total *lesigh*. Well, at least they're nice though and I especially really happy to get them.
So yeah, here they are! =)

Pirate Roulette
Not exactly a K-pop thing, but if you like watching Running Man, this thing must be familiar for you =D. I've really wanted this since the first I saw Running Man playing with it and finally we can get it with a quite reasonable price. We have so much fun playing this game xD

INFINITE - Evolution and INFINITE - Paradise (Repackage)
I've grown loving INFINITE so much this year after I watch "Diss is INFINITE" and finally decided to collect all of their albums (where I've been all these years????). Originally I didn't plan to buy these two albums but I was sold by some unboxing videos and yeah I got this, YAY!
... and I got Myungsoo (a.k.a L) and Hoya PC! =D
I know I'm lucky, but actually I wanted Sungyeol one because he is my bias and looks really good in this album and also I already got Hoya from Second Season, ah but well it's okay, they are both look good though =). Too bad Evolution doesn't come with photocard, I bet the PC would be really awesome.

From EXO Planet #1 Official Concert Good - Lightstick
EXO will hold their first concert "From EXO Planet #1" here in Indonesia! OH YAY! So I bought myself an official lightstick to cheer them up. Can't wait!

Henry - Fantastic
This just came yesterday and I'm really really happy! The songs are fantastic, the photobook is oh-so-gorgeous as well and aaaawwww they give Baby Henry as the photocard xD. It also came with a huge poster which sadly has a kind of rubber mark at the middle =( But well nothing i can do about it.

Those are all I got until this end of July =D Expecting a lot more to come next month, hopefully in early August *pray*
So what you think about things I got above? Do you have any of those? Or maybe you're still waiting for your K-goods to be arrived?

And yeah, have nice day everyone! =)

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