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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hi everyone~, how are you doing?


... although this blog is pretty dead in state of coma *lesigh*

Seems like I could not keep the promise to improve this blog nor my reviewing skill this year. There were a lot of things happened on me these months which killed my blogging mood. For some reason I could not enjoy any activities aside of reading and watching some tv shows, that included blogging so yeah you see this blog is pretty dead. I feel so sorry and so sad because of it and I really miss this world where I can meet wonderful people around the world who have the same hobby with me.

FYI, I finally left the old problematic job behind and got a new one I've really wanted for so long and I move outside the town for it. But apparently the new job is really different from what I've expected and imagined it would be. I ended dislike it even at the first work day, grew really depressed and frustrated even I cried at the office. Tough life and I keep asking God what would He want with giving this job to me *lesigh*. But don't worry guys, I'm fine right now, crying has quite a great after-effect on me. I'll just move on and take the positive side of it, while I look for another nice job which I'd enjoy later and improve my skill in designing and visualizing. And of course, start blogging again!

So that's it guys. I hope I could see you soon in a new review or other post ^^. Have a dazzling day guys!


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