MOVIE REVIEWS : Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monster

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Although I always hope for the best for any movies adapted from books, especially of those series I really really love, I also prepare myself to be a bit disappointed, because I know It's almost impossible to create a perfect movie adaptation from 400-500++ pages novels (except LOTR, of course) and people have different perception and imagination from each other.
I know it's just teaser movie poster, but I love this one than the original movie cover, pretty cool! =p
I was quite excited when I heard Sea of Monster were adapted into a movie considering the predecessor did not do well. In the Lightening Thief I felt I've lost Percy's and Annabeth's characters I love from the book but I was still excited though. After I watched the movie, I thought it was pretty okay and entertaining, more because I almost forgot the story of the novel, I read it several years ago. I was quite thankful I almost forgot it because they made a hella major change, it had very different storyline from the novel although the point was still the same (after I re-checked and re-read some part from the novel). It's understandable if most of Percy Jackson series fans were pretty disappointed because I felt that way as well. Here's my pros and cons list about this movie:

PRO (may contain spoilers):
- Annabeth was blond, finally
- the movie fixed Tyson's appearance to be more human and more nice-looking. He's cute and so in love with his brother in Poseidon, Percy, I like him =)
- the CG and effects were quite good, I especially loved how Hippocampus looks in this movie.
- I liked they cast Nathan Fillion as Hermes, with his two funny talking snakes called Martha and George. I was happy they're exist xD
- Thalia was exist in movie version, and how she resurrected *oops* in the end of the movie means there were a possibility for Curse of the Titan to be adapted into a movie as well.
- Clarisse did exist as well, though she's too pretty compare to how I've imagined her
- The movie is friendly enough and more general. I think this movie can be enjoyed by those who haven't read the books or watched the first movie.

- no matter how hard I want to understand, still, it's a waaaaaaaaaaaay different from the novel version, which is like always, book is always the best
- I didn't really like that Percy's and Annabeth's relationship were already warm and lovey-dovey. Where's the witty, sarcastic banter? I actually really wanted to hear Annie called Percy 'seaweed brain'. =_=
- Annabeth was, excuse my word, pretty useless in here. I've hoped him being more kick-ass and got more action scenes than just a smart-ass girl with a kind of demigod-tablet.
- Somehow I didn't really like the less-fierce version of Clarisse in here /:. She should be more biatchy and villain-like
- WHERE'S BLACKJACK???? Rawr! He should be appeared in this sequel, right? T^T
- Some demigod-traitors were already revealed in here and I was like "EEEEEH???? 0_o"
- I also disliked that Luke's last scene was shown more like comical scene /:

Such a mixed feeling, but well it's still enjoyable. Just forget the book and enjoy the movie.
I hope they would make the next sequel, The Titan's Curse so I could see Blackjack, Zoey Nightshade and Nico there.

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