TTT#9 : Top Ten Settings I'd Like To See More Of (Or At All)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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I have to admit that the setting only could really make me want to read certain book =D It's really fun to imagine I am in there, in sort of imaginary or real places I've never been there before. So here's my list :

Top Ten Eight Settings I'd Like To See More Of (Or At All)
*both in reality or fantasy, and not really specific*

1. Boarding School
taken from here
The first place that popped into my mind while I read this week topic is 'Hogwarts'. I really love stories set in boarding school, both mixed or girls/boys only. I live in a country with almost no boarding school (as far as I know) so it's fascinated me. It's somehow also fun to see dorm-dividing system like Hogwarts, based on their character and potency; or like boarding school at manga called 'For You In Full Blossom', which divides their students into certain dorm based on their talent. I hope I can see more of Boarding School setting in the future.

2. Medieval or Victorian Era, basically Historical fiction setting
taken from here, so gorgeous! =D
Recently I realized that I enjoy reading stories with historical background. Probably because I would never be in there since we don't have time machine =p. Mostly this setting has magnificent castles, knights in shining armor, girls in gorgeous dresser, horses, untouched wide green field and I LOVE THEM =D

3. Europe Cities like Paris, London and many more =)
taken from here
Europe is my big dream! =D When I was a student of Architecture Department, I've been admiring Europe for its beautiful cities, buildings and arts; and I really want to go there! Sadly I still can't afford to go there (but I hope someday I WILL) so reading stories with some beautiful cities in Europe like Paris, London Prague or anywhere can at least makes me imagine I am there. Sounds pathetic but yeah that's what I feel ;p

4. Countryside, with its large farm and ranch, yee-haw! =D
taken from here
Anyone know a simulation game on Playstation I name 'Harvest Moon'? That game makes me want to live in a country side and own a ranch and run a farm! =D Okay, back to the topic. Basically I love log house and large field, they have warm, peaceful and free image in my mind. And don't forget the cowboys, YUM! So stories with this setting immediately catch my attention. Seems like as far as I remember, I only read one YA novel with country-side setting (but bunch of Harlequin novels with this setting) so I need to read more of them.

5. Futuristic city set in the future
taken from here
Oooh all hail crazy imagination! Maybe I'm biased, because I'm a dreamer and have a basic in architecture so I love to see high tech building and structures, lol. People who can create a futuristic city and its details must be a super-genius and probably this is one thing why I badly fall in love with Dystopia series.

6. Underwater world
Atlantis, taken from here
Little Mermaid, everyone? =D
I admit I still haven't read many books about 'Life Under Water' kind like story about mermaid and merman or maybe about Atlantis, and I imagine it would be very AMAZING!!

7. Fantasyland
Rivendell, taken from here
I have not read The Lord of The Ring novels, but from the movies I think this is a series with the most beautiful fantasy places visualization and I deeply fall in love with it. I hope there will be another series with amazing fantastical setting like this one =D

8. Bakery and Patisserie
taken from here
Though I don't really like sweet things but I love cakes =D
I rarely see any YA books with this setting or maybe I haven't notice one before but I really look forward for this! Any book recommendation?

Actually there might be many more, but I only have these in my mind right now that I really want to see more. You're very welcome to recommend me some books with settings above. What's your list? Link me so I can check it back.
Have a nice day =)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to read more books set in the Victorian era or in a futuristic city! :) My TTT list:

Alice @ Alice in Readerland

Jess Schira said...

I agree! The world needs more literary farms!

Lori said...

I love your picks! I'm a big fan of boarding school settings. If it's done well it never gets old. For the country side, have you read the Dairy Queen books by Catherine Gilbert Murdock? They look a little silly, but they are amazing! Really, some of my favorite contemps ever. And Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler is a good one for cupcakes. It actually takes place in a diner, but she bakes cupcakes all the time. :) I'll stop rambling now lol.
My Top Ten

Elisa said...

@ Lori : I checked Dairy Queen on Goodreads and it sounds really interesting! I add it to my TBR list. And Bittersweet sounds having a lot of cupcakes! Added it already.
Thank you for book recommendation and for stopping by, Lori ;)

Lily Child said...

Oooh! An underwater world sounds interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

Underwater is on a lot of lists including my own. Authors had best read these lists and get to writing since there's an obvious want of books in that setting. Medieval settings are love too, I really enjoy books written in that time period. Bakery would be a fun one as well but I'd probably end up hungry and go on a snack fest while reading them ha ha.

YA Vixens said...

I've been seeing a lot of people thinking about Underwater worlds. I'm super afraid of ocean water [I know.. its weird]

Awesome list :) You've definitely given me some ideas that I didn't have before!
Please visit my TTT along with The Archived swag giveaway!!
-Beth @ YA Vixens


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