Movie Review : Breaking Dawn part 2

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Have watched it on November 18th, so this is a victim of me as procrastinator.
Spoiler alert! Well, I think all of you already have watched the movie so it's okay =)

I've been really excited about Breaking Dawn part 2 since I watched bunch of its teasers and trailers because it has a scene that the book doesn't have, the war scene between Cullens with their allies and Volturies. And I think the movie is much better, since we see the whole story from outside Bella's head. Yeah, I really forgot that one thing so it was quite shocking me when the war happen, you know some of good characters, even two Cullen family member suddenly got their head ripped off. Just, wow. It was really fascinating to see the 'war scene' from other view, in this case we saw from Aro's mind when he took Alice hand. I remember once Meyer said she was actually wanted to kill Jasper in the last book and it 'happens' here, well, temporary =p. I admit I didn't see it coming. I also really enjoyed the part when some vampire clans appearing, although they seemed didn't get much dialogues like in the novel. My favorite is always Kate and Garrett =D

Overall, Breaking Dawn is a great ending, both parts are the best sequel of this series. People who already read the novels first mostly won't be disappointed, even the twisted last part makes it more better. A bit sad that finally this series is over but although I'm not as loving this series as before, no doubt it still has a place in my heart because Twilight is the first novel that introduced me to YA world.


Jenn Renee said...

great review and I agree. That scene totally shocked me, never saw it coming, and super happy they put it in there.

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