TTT #3 : Top Ten Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Wow, I kind of skipped a LOT of TTT *sniff*. Real life takes me all over =_=;
Well, for this week topic is really fun! I always enjoy books with smart and kick-ass heroines, they makes me learn from their bravery and willing to take an action and move forward. I have this list about my favorite kick-ass heroines from books I've read and this is the time I show you who they are.

Top Ten Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines

1. Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy
My most favorite all the time. I think there's no other heroine as determined, loyal, strong and crazily-impulsive as Rose and I really really admire her. She's like a living trouble-magnet and she doesn't think twice to make a move on them if it to save ones she cherishes and usually she wins them over. Rose does a lot mistakes, but she learns a lot too from them.

2. Beatrice 'Tris' Prior from Divergent
My next the most favorite all the time. Tris who used to be a 'Stiff' from a selfless faction makes her choice and enters the most brutal faction and manages to deals with it, even become more Dauntless then the origins. She's really smart, tough and brave enough to hug her Divergence which can cost her own life.

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3. Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games
I think most of you would include her in your list, yds? xD
Who doesn't know her, The Girl on Fire. Katniss who formerly is a hunter and her family core, offered herself as her sister's substitute as a Tribute of the deadly variety show, Hunger Games. She even manages to survive 2 Hunger Games episodes with a bow and arrows and save Peeta too.

4. Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments series
When she still considered as a mundane, she would do everything to save her mother that kidnapped by some evils, with help from Shadowhunters who happen to be her true identity. She even has an important role in saving Jace multiple times, which is very awesome!


5. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
I've been adoring Hermione for years and now I'm still She's not literally physical fighter, but she's quite a kick-ass with her brain and spells. I always love brainy people =D

6. Catherine Crawfield from The Night Huntress series
She has a lot similarities with Rose, never far from troubles and oddity, so that's why I love her so much =D
Funny, sarcastic, and kick-ass hybrid, Cat has already killing a lot bad pure vampires since she was 16. She is also soon-to-be-called a Red Reaper, the most terrifying Vampire Hunter.

7. Lena Haloway from Delirium
Lena might not as kick-ass as the others, even at Delirium she's all obedient and calm. But start from end of Delirium, she drastically changes. What I like from her is that she daringly leaves the comfort zone, goes through rough and heavy journey she have never known before to find freedom and manages to move on after losing someone she loves. It can be considered as kick-ass, rite? =D

8. Annabeth from Percy Jackson and The Olympians
Since she's a daughter of Athena, she is smart and almost never lose in any war-game between her Demigod friends. A perfect combination of strenght, bravery and brain =D

9. Gabriella Betarrini from River of Time series
Gabi who is a modern girl suddenly is thrown away to the Ancient Italy era, in the middle of a war between fierce knights from 2 opposing side. And what makes her so amazing that she adapts very well, learn how to use sword and kick bad knights' asses to save ones she loves, and unconsciously she saves the whole town

10. Cammie Morgan from Gallagher Girl series
Cam has the coolest profession, she's a spy. She is trained to be a spy since her very young age and enrolls the best spy all-girl school. She proves her ability almost like the professional, and she dares to face the evil organization along with her spy-friends.

Yup, I just wrote down eight girls Finally I manage to write down 10 names *yippi!* and I know there are still a lot out there, simply because I haven't read another series that have awesome heroine in them *facepalm*.
That's my list. What's yours? Do you have some of them too in your list? =D


Nana said...

Hermione juga keren. hehehe

Elisa said...

@Nana : Lol, tapi kadang2 aku ngrasa kayaknya Katniss terlalu memaksakan diri,huhu~ well, she's very popular though, pasti ada di list semua org ni anak =p

Coffee Monster said...

This is like half my list! :) Great picks. I don't know all of them but I have a huge to-read pile so I'll soon get acquainted :)


Nana said...

Penasaran baca River of Time series. Ku slalu suka buku yan tokoh utamanya terlempar ke masa lalu. Tp disini ga ada ya? Kamu pesennya dr bookdepo kan ya klo ga salah?

Fara Nani said...

Eeeppp!!! ROSE! Awesome list! :D

Here my Top 10

Nina said...

Woohoo! Hermione Granger is indeed a kick-ass heroine. ;) Love her magic spells. ;) They always work.

J'adore Happy Endings

Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

Tris & Hermione! :D

TTT @thedailyprophecy.

Elisa said...

Nana : River of Time keren bgt,hehe
yup aku belinya di bookdepo.
Kayaknya kalo di toko buku sini susah adanya, cuma mungkin bisa pesen lewat bookdepo or amazon =)

Elodie said...

YAY for Rose, she's probably my favourite heroine ever and always will be !!

Shelver506 said...

I'm freaking out on my side of the screen that you chose Cammie Morgan, too. Gallagher Girls forever! *fist bump*


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