Cover Reveal #11

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Here are some prettiness I've found since I couldn't remember when. I only post some I interests on :

If I Should Die (The Revenants #3) - Amy Plum
Read the summary HERE
I love all covers of this series and this one is also pretty although not as pretty as Until I Die. But personally I think it looks a bit unnatural. This is the UK's cover and I think this is the one I'll get (have to admit, US' cover is prettier somehow /:).

The Elite (The Selection #2) - Kiera Cass
Read the summary HERE
The Selection has a uber-lovely cover with girls wearing light turquoise gown and so happy that the sequel also as lovely as the first one. I bet they both would look very nice side by side on the shelf =9

Parallel - Lauren Miller
Read the summary HERE
The cover just it is, but what makes me thrilled with this new book (I really hope this is a stand-alone, lol) is the summary, about the girl who suddenly lives in parallel world. Weird and interesting! =D

Reboot - Amy Tintera
Read the summary HERE
Simple but eye-catching, the cover is. The story sounds very cool and it sets as Dystopia and Science Fiction, no need to tell more why I feel like have to read this one xD.

Legacy of Clockwork Key - Kristin Bailey
Read the summary HERE
I surprised this book suddenly changed the cover, because I found the previous one was quite pretty (too bad I didn't keep the picture). But yes this version is a lot better, love the scenery so much although somehow the flying thing, is it a duck or bird? It strongly remind me of Will Herondale, LOL! The story sound really cool and I really want to read Steampunk genre other then Infernal Devices series. So excited!

Rush (The Game #1) - Eve Silver
Read the summary HERE
Probably the coolest cover among all. I love it so much and it's designed very exceptionally! Then welcome my self-proclaim-designer self! LOL
The story also sounds so thrilling and already decided I have to get this book and gambling whether I'd love the story of not. xD.
Total excited.

Both are covers I've waited since I got the first books =D

Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins
Read the summary HERE
Wow! I love the expression! So sexy and fierce, seriously 8D
I love the second cover still uses the same model as Sweet Evil and as pretty as it too. But I dunno, I have this issue of combining-orange-and-black things. It's somehow bugging me for a weird reason. Somehow it looks not right. Well, it's still pretty though and okay, I should read Sweet Evil REAAAAALLY SOON!

Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris
Read the summary HERE
I was like *GASPFINALLYITGETSTHECOVERHORRAYHALLELUJAH!* when I found Elizabeth Norris' tweet about her cover reveal. I LOVE IT! The second coolest among all! =D
Love they still use the same model and add 2 more new figures and I love the colors as well. Okay I REAAAAALLY need to read this book too, VERY SOON!

.... and still many more. You may search some more at Epic Reads especially for books published by HarperCollins.

So what's your favorite? Any of them already in your wishlist too? =D


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