Book to Movie - Divergent (#1)

Monday, October 29, 2012


... okay, it's still 2014, BUT FINALLY IT COMES TRUE! *hyperventilated*
I'm sooooo freakin' excited since suddenly there was a Divergent casting news, I so can't wait to see who will play as Tris and Four.

At very first, I probably already got our Tris :
picture credit : here

I was like "I DON'T REMEMBER TRIS IS A BRUNETTE". Yeah the reason why I mentally opposed her because she's not a blondy and too 'well-built' to be Tris. I have always picture Anna Sophia Robb as an ideal Tris. But then I kept search more photos of Shailene and slowly think maybe she's not bad as Tris. I did remember Hollywood can do this magic changing the appearance (The Hunger Games, everyone?) and found someone's picture manipulation of Shailene with blonde hair :
Editted by this person
WOW! Totally not bad! That was a photo I've seen that made me decided she might be Tris. I've never watched her plays either so it seems not fair to frantically judge her, but from several photos, probably she could picture Tris's emotion quite well.
Just wait and see =)

Then the most important, who play as my most-perfect-imaginary-boyfriend-to-be Tobias 'Four' Eaton???

Alexander Ludwig once tweeted this :

It almost felt like the end of the day for me.
No offense, for this I absolutely can't see him as Four at all. He fits as Al, by the way.

Then several days later, there were this commotion at twitter (specifically from @Tobi4sEaton) that this guy was bding all suspicious :

He suddenly follows Veronica Roth's twitter.
He also said he has a great news to share
There's also a news that he will not return to Teen Wolf.


Oh my God, he's SO PERFECT! I always has Brant Daugherty in mind but Colton is just a bit closer than him. Just pray that he REALLY IS our Four. =D
Will impatiently look forward more news!

Are you excited about the casting call as much as I do? =D


Elodie said...

So glad Divergent is being made into a movie :) !!! I love this book soooo much, can't wait to have more info on the cast !

Milord Marrianne said...

But I don't like Shailene. My spirit is down........

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