REVIEW : Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1)

Author      : Richelle Mead
Publisher   : Razorbill
Source      : Bought
Pages        : 421 (Hardback)

Summary from Goodreads :
Blood doesn't lie...

Sydney is an alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of human and vampires. They protect vampire secrets - and human lives. When Sydney is torn from her bed in the middle of the night, at first she thinks she's still being punished for her complicated alliance with dhampir Rose Hathaway. But what unfolds is far worse. Jill Dragomir - the sister of Moroi Queen Lissa Dragomir - is in mortal danger, and the Moroi must send her into hiding. To avoid a civil war, Sydney is called upon to act as Jill's guardian and protector, posing as her roommate in the last place anyone would think to look for vampire royalty - a human boarding school in Palm Springs, California. But instead of finding safety at Amberwood Prep, Sydney discovers the drama is only just beginning...

Book Trailer :

Cover Glimpse :
Usually I'm not really into the style (you know, frontal face look like VA's), but I dunno why I really like the cover. It's red (oh yeah), the models are fab (I love Adrian's impersonate! And I also love the Golden Lily tattoo on Sydney's cheek, fantabulous!) and of course, 'Richelle Mead' term. Oh yeah!

This book has been on my shelf for a long time before I could finish Vampire Academy series because of the local publishing matter and I even didn't dare to take a peek on it. LOL. But at last I finally could devour it and ooooh, thank you Richelle Mead for constantly being so AWESOME! You're definitely the genius story-teller! Again I was dazzled with Mead's skill how to make any development processes on either the story or character so subtle, so real and understandable and how she always surprises me and turns everything to the unexpected moment. It was so thrilling to meet both old and new people on this series with a totally different vibe and rhythm from Vampire Academy, the more-drama-like and 'calmer' one, and take a note : almost has no love scenes at all which I found absolutely fine for me. I really enjoyed the subtle development of relation between Sydney and her new friends, Moroi and Dhampir who she used to hate.

I met Sydney Sage very first time at Blood Promise and because I've already known she'd be the main character at Bloodlines, I wanted to know her more and put more attention on her. Although Sydney is not as 'striking' as Rose, tends to be more discreet, rigid and genuine thinker, her character has been continually developing since half of VA series until this one, where we get a chance to see the world from her eyes and thoughts.
Basically, Sydney is a contrary of Rose, both her character and life. She's pure smart scientist, well-organized and professional, somehow kind of boring because she's so rigid and too obedient even letting some people trash her ability and misjudge her. But yet, surprisingly she's quite open-minded and there's a little rebel part of her (usually Alchemist dislike the dark creatures named Moroi and Dhampir and avoids to have any kind relationship with them) that regards her new 'friends'; a pack of fugitive Moroi and Dhampir consists Jill, Eddie and Adrian; and responsible to take care of them more like a big sister, or even like a mother. I found a lot of her thoughts and acts are charming and related to my own self, and it's so hard not to liking her.

“Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection." He paused to reconsider that. "Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try."
- Adrian
from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Adrian as one of main character is the important thing of this series, at least for me. I really want to know what Mead would do on 'healing' Adrian. As for my main-male-character standard, Adrian possesses some characteristics I despise a lot (smoking, drinking, womanizer, spoiled-rich-boy, victim-minded, etc). But so strange, apparently Mead's magic works on me, I like him so much. If Adrian was solidified, I would run and bump onto him, hug him and said "SO NICE TO SEE YOU, SO CALLED JET STEELE!!!" xD. Although it was kinda sad looking on him, all messed, broken and sad, he's still 'him' after all with his cigarettes (which I dislike), liquors (which I dislike too), witty-sarcastic-hilarious comments and lines (which I absolutely LOVE!). I don't deny that some moments I felt like wanna strangle him for keep destroying himself and being such a$*hole (I know there are reasons but still, UGH!) but as pages flipped by he starts to healed and change, to be a bit more appreciate himself. Thanks for Sydney too though =D. Adrian is really really charming here. I laughed a lot over his funny and ridiculous dialogues I almost overdosed. Seriously can't get enough of him!

I also was happy I could know more about Jill and Eddie as we barely see them at VA. I feel so sorry to Jill for everything had happened to her. Jill's being all emo here is so understandable since I think I would do as the same as her too if I was in her state. Eddie really looks like a young Dimitri to me, being all tough and serious, well actually I already considered this since Spirit Bound and kind of miss his fun part.

Like I said, this book almost has no romance. Well, maybe a little bit sparks here and there but not too pronounced. As for me, somehow I enjoyed that wondering feeling, what would happen between these characters, especially between Sydney and Adrian. I already have been shipping them heavily because I really love watching their quarrels and banters. They look so cute together and Sydney seems the only person who can handle Adrian Ivashkov very well =D. This book also barely has real action since we only have only one fighter among the main characters, but still could make my heart pounding fast and literally biting my nails. So unexpected and horrifying!

Overall, although it's okay to start this right away, I may highly suggest you to read Vampire Academy series first before you get a hand on this book, it will help you to know more about the background of some characters and some things that had happened before. And yes, this is an amazing start of an amazing-to-be series, as expected from Richelle Mead. Some of VA fans maybe would feel something is missing here (because Rose's voice is so powerful and unforgettable). There are suddenly appearing new secrets that makes me more curious and thrilled to get a grip on the next book, Golden Lily.
VA fans, or specifically Adrian fans, you have to start this book very soon!
Happy reading! =D

Wishlist Wednesday #21

Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop where we will post about one book per week that has been on our wishlist for some time, or just added (it's entirely up to you), that we can't wait to get off the wishlist and onto our wonderful shelves.
This blog meme is hosted by Pen to Paper, if you want to join please visit here to find more about this meme.

The Indigo Spell
by Richelle Mead
Expectation release date : February, 2012

In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core, she finds herself struggling to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do. Then she meets alluring, rebellious Marcus Finch--a former Alchemist who escaped against all odds, and is now on the run. Marcus wants to teach Sydney the secrets he claims the Alchemists are hiding from her. But as he pushes her to rebel against the people who raised her, Sydney finds that breaking free is harder than she thought. There is an old and mysterious magic rooted deeply within her. And as she searches for an evil magic user targeting powerful young witches, she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her magical blood--or else she might be next.

Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, the Bloodlines series explores all the friendship, romance, battles, and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive—this time in a part-vampire, part-human setting where the stakes are even higher and everyone’s out for blood.

I really love Bloodlines series, it's very different from VA but still captivating to know more about Alchemist and their specialities. I've finished The Golden Lily and already pre-ordered The Indigo Spell. Can't wait to read it. So excited to see Sydney finally realizes her unknown power. And of course this mysterious new guy, Marcus Finch, who's he and what's his role. I also want to read more about her relation development with Adrian. February can't be soon enough!
Anyone already read Bloodlines and The Golden Lily? What do you think about them? Like or not?

What's your Wishlist Wednesday this week? =)

TTT #3 : Top Ten Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature/weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It's the best and fun way to share lists of certain topics with other fellow bloggers. If you want to participate, please visit their blog for further information! =D

Wow, I kind of skipped a LOT of TTT *sniff*. Real life takes me all over =_=;
Well, for this week topic is really fun! I always enjoy books with smart and kick-ass heroines, they makes me learn from their bravery and willing to take an action and move forward. I have this list about my favorite kick-ass heroines from books I've read and this is the time I show you who they are.

Top Ten Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines

1. Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy
My most favorite all the time. I think there's no other heroine as determined, loyal, strong and crazily-impulsive as Rose and I really really admire her. She's like a living trouble-magnet and she doesn't think twice to make a move on them if it to save ones she cherishes and usually she wins them over. Rose does a lot mistakes, but she learns a lot too from them.

2. Beatrice 'Tris' Prior from Divergent
My next the most favorite all the time. Tris who used to be a 'Stiff' from a selfless faction makes her choice and enters the most brutal faction and manages to deals with it, even become more Dauntless then the origins. She's really smart, tough and brave enough to hug her Divergence which can cost her own life.

credit picture
3. Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games
I think most of you would include her in your list, yds? xD
Who doesn't know her, The Girl on Fire. Katniss who formerly is a hunter and her family core, offered herself as her sister's substitute as a Tribute of the deadly variety show, Hunger Games. She even manages to survive 2 Hunger Games episodes with a bow and arrows and save Peeta too.

4. Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments series
When she still considered as a mundane, she would do everything to save her mother that kidnapped by some evils, with help from Shadowhunters who happen to be her true identity. She even has an important role in saving Jace multiple times, which is very awesome!


5. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
I've been adoring Hermione for years and now I'm still She's not literally physical fighter, but she's quite a kick-ass with her brain and spells. I always love brainy people =D

6. Catherine Crawfield from The Night Huntress series
She has a lot similarities with Rose, never far from troubles and oddity, so that's why I love her so much =D
Funny, sarcastic, and kick-ass hybrid, Cat has already killing a lot bad pure vampires since she was 16. She is also soon-to-be-called a Red Reaper, the most terrifying Vampire Hunter.

7. Lena Haloway from Delirium
Lena might not as kick-ass as the others, even at Delirium she's all obedient and calm. But start from end of Delirium, she drastically changes. What I like from her is that she daringly leaves the comfort zone, goes through rough and heavy journey she have never known before to find freedom and manages to move on after losing someone she loves. It can be considered as kick-ass, rite? =D

8. Annabeth from Percy Jackson and The Olympians
Since she's a daughter of Athena, she is smart and almost never lose in any war-game between her Demigod friends. A perfect combination of strenght, bravery and brain =D

9. Gabriella Betarrini from River of Time series
Gabi who is a modern girl suddenly is thrown away to the Ancient Italy era, in the middle of a war between fierce knights from 2 opposing side. And what makes her so amazing that she adapts very well, learn how to use sword and kick bad knights' asses to save ones she loves, and unconsciously she saves the whole town

10. Cammie Morgan from Gallagher Girl series
Cam has the coolest profession, she's a spy. She is trained to be a spy since her very young age and enrolls the best spy all-girl school. She proves her ability almost like the professional, and she dares to face the evil organization along with her spy-friends.

Yup, I just wrote down eight girls Finally I manage to write down 10 names *yippi!* and I know there are still a lot out there, simply because I haven't read another series that have awesome heroine in them *facepalm*.
That's my list. What's yours? Do you have some of them too in your list? =D

Book to Movie - Divergent (#1)

Monday, October 29, 2012


... okay, it's still 2014, BUT FINALLY IT COMES TRUE! *hyperventilated*
I'm sooooo freakin' excited since suddenly there was a Divergent casting news, I so can't wait to see who will play as Tris and Four.

At very first, I probably already got our Tris :
picture credit : here

I was like "I DON'T REMEMBER TRIS IS A BRUNETTE". Yeah the reason why I mentally opposed her because she's not a blondy and too 'well-built' to be Tris. I have always picture Anna Sophia Robb as an ideal Tris. But then I kept search more photos of Shailene and slowly think maybe she's not bad as Tris. I did remember Hollywood can do this magic changing the appearance (The Hunger Games, everyone?) and found someone's picture manipulation of Shailene with blonde hair :
Editted by this person
WOW! Totally not bad! That was a photo I've seen that made me decided she might be Tris. I've never watched her plays either so it seems not fair to frantically judge her, but from several photos, probably she could picture Tris's emotion quite well.
Just wait and see =)

Then the most important, who play as my most-perfect-imaginary-boyfriend-to-be Tobias 'Four' Eaton???

Alexander Ludwig once tweeted this :

It almost felt like the end of the day for me.
No offense, for this I absolutely can't see him as Four at all. He fits as Al, by the way.

Then several days later, there were this commotion at twitter (specifically from @Tobi4sEaton) that this guy was bding all suspicious :

He suddenly follows Veronica Roth's twitter.
He also said he has a great news to share
There's also a news that he will not return to Teen Wolf.


Oh my God, he's SO PERFECT! I always has Brant Daugherty in mind but Colton is just a bit closer than him. Just pray that he REALLY IS our Four. =D
Will impatiently look forward more news!

Are you excited about the casting call as much as I do? =D

In My Mailbox #27

Saturday, October 27, 2012

In My Mailbox is a blog meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren. You can show some books you got over the week which you bought, borrowed or given to you.

Hello guys how are you today? I hope you're all in a good shape ;)

I'm so mad with the local post office at my place because I haven't get some books I've pre-ordered yet =(
Anyway, here are some books I got for several weeks ago (sorry for a bit crappy color on these photos. Photoshop portable in my Android didn't do a good job /=) :

Hardcover :

Alice in Zombieland - Gena Showalter
The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan

Seems like books from Harlequin Teen are hardly to arrive to my place but thankfully Alice in Zombieland arrived safely. Really can't wait to read this book.
As Mark of Athena, I still haven't read the series yet, but since it's Riordan's I quite sure it will be good! =D

Paperback :

Belles - Jen Calonita
Just The Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James

Aww... Belles has a pretty cover! =D I can't wait to read this as well.
I already had JTSMA in translation, but I think I still need to have the English version. Yeah I'm so in love with this book =D

Translations :

Inkspell - Cornelia Funke
Dark Divine - Bree Despain
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Dracula - Bram Stoker
Appointment with Death - Agatha Christie
4.50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie

Woops! I haven't finish Inkheart yet *facepalm*. And Inkspell is very thick!
I didn't know GPU (one of largest publishing house in my country, btw) planned to publish Dark Divine until I saw this book laid on the shelf. Wow! I hope this book would be good for me.
I have been wanting to read some classic horror, especially Frankenstein and Dracula. Dracula has very pretty appearance. It's all read at 3 sides and looks like a old book format at bundle side. Fascinating!
YAY! Got 2 books more from Agatha Christie! I kind of hunting more of her books right now.

... and some things unrelated to books:

Zoya Midori Nail Polish, my very first vernish from Zoya (yeah poor me) and I absolutely LOVE the color. This is exactly the GREEN I've wanted since long ago! I need to get some more from this brand! I also purchased Seche Vita Top Coat with sale price. Very nice!

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori ear-cap pluggies!
I'm a fan of Rilakkuma and these are SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! xDDD

Those are for this week's IMM. I've pre-ordered a LOT books for next weeks so I pray hard the tax-men and postmen would not act like a douchebag *pissed*

So what did you get this week? I hope you'll enjoy all your new books!
Happy reading! =)

Cover Reveal #11

Here are some prettiness I've found since I couldn't remember when. I only post some I interests on :

If I Should Die (The Revenants #3) - Amy Plum
Read the summary HERE
I love all covers of this series and this one is also pretty although not as pretty as Until I Die. But personally I think it looks a bit unnatural. This is the UK's cover and I think this is the one I'll get (have to admit, US' cover is prettier somehow /:).

The Elite (The Selection #2) - Kiera Cass
Read the summary HERE
The Selection has a uber-lovely cover with girls wearing light turquoise gown and so happy that the sequel also as lovely as the first one. I bet they both would look very nice side by side on the shelf =9

Parallel - Lauren Miller
Read the summary HERE
The cover just it is, but what makes me thrilled with this new book (I really hope this is a stand-alone, lol) is the summary, about the girl who suddenly lives in parallel world. Weird and interesting! =D

Reboot - Amy Tintera
Read the summary HERE
Simple but eye-catching, the cover is. The story sounds very cool and it sets as Dystopia and Science Fiction, no need to tell more why I feel like have to read this one xD.

Legacy of Clockwork Key - Kristin Bailey
Read the summary HERE
I surprised this book suddenly changed the cover, because I found the previous one was quite pretty (too bad I didn't keep the picture). But yes this version is a lot better, love the scenery so much although somehow the flying thing, is it a duck or bird? It strongly remind me of Will Herondale, LOL! The story sound really cool and I really want to read Steampunk genre other then Infernal Devices series. So excited!

Rush (The Game #1) - Eve Silver
Read the summary HERE
Probably the coolest cover among all. I love it so much and it's designed very exceptionally! Then welcome my self-proclaim-designer self! LOL
The story also sounds so thrilling and already decided I have to get this book and gambling whether I'd love the story of not. xD.
Total excited.

Both are covers I've waited since I got the first books =D

Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins
Read the summary HERE
Wow! I love the expression! So sexy and fierce, seriously 8D
I love the second cover still uses the same model as Sweet Evil and as pretty as it too. But I dunno, I have this issue of combining-orange-and-black things. It's somehow bugging me for a weird reason. Somehow it looks not right. Well, it's still pretty though and okay, I should read Sweet Evil REAAAAALLY SOON!

Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris
Read the summary HERE
I was like *GASPFINALLYITGETSTHECOVERHORRAYHALLELUJAH!* when I found Elizabeth Norris' tweet about her cover reveal. I LOVE IT! The second coolest among all! =D
Love they still use the same model and add 2 more new figures and I love the colors as well. Okay I REAAAAALLY need to read this book too, VERY SOON!

.... and still many more. You may search some more at Epic Reads especially for books published by HarperCollins.

So what's your favorite? Any of them already in your wishlist too? =D

REVIEW : Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6)

Author      : Richelle Mead
Publisher   : Razorbill
Source      : Bought
Pages        : 594 (Hardcover)

Summary from Goodreads :
They come first.

My vision was growing dimmer, the blackness and ghosts closing in. I swore it was like I could hear Robert whispering in my ear: The world of the dead won't give you up a second time. Just before the light completely vanished, I saw Dimitri's face join Lissa's. I wanted to smile. I decided then that if the two people I loved most were safe, I could leave this world.

The dead could finally have me.

Rose Hathaway has always played by her own rules. She broke the law when she ran away from St. Vladimir's Academy with her best friend and last surviving Dragomir princess, Lissa. She broke the law when she fell in love with her gorgeous, off-limits instructor, Dimitri. And she dared to defy Queen Tatiana, leader of the Moroi world, risking her life and reputation to protect generations of dhampir guardians to come.

Now the law has finally caught up with Rose - for a crime she didn't even commit. She's in prison for the highest offense imaginable: the assassination of a monarch. She'll need help from both Dimitri and Adrian to find the one living person who can stall her execution and force the Moroi elite to acknowledge a shocking new candidate for the royal throne: Vasilisa Dragomir.

But the clock on Rose's life is running out. Rose knows in her heart the world of the dead wants her back...and this time she is truly out of second chances. The big question is, when your whole life is about saving others, who will save you?

Join Rose, Dimitri, Adrian, and Lissa in Last Sacrifice, the epic, unforgettable finale to Richelle Mead's international #1 bestselling Vampire Academy series.

Cover Glimpse :
Probably the most favorite cover from all (although I've stated the series cover isn't my fave). I don't know why. Maybe because the expression? The color? I don't know. I just like it =)
*the lamest explanation of all*

2cents :

“Ah, my daughter,ʺ he said. ʺEighteen, and already youʹve been accused of murder, aided felons, and acquired a death count higher than most guardians will ever see.ʺ He paused. ʺI couldnʹt be prouder.”

- Abe Mazur referring to Rose
Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

So finally one of my most favorite series ever has come to the end. I was all both excited and sad at the same time when the time to read this book came.


This book gave me such a complex state of emotion. Full of excitements, tensions, happiness, and grief, I have no other words but I totally agree what the blurb said : this book is the epic, fantastic, heart-wretching, unforgettable finale of Vampire Academy series. I really admire Richelle Mead, like again and again, because from book one till the last one, she never fail to amaze and surprise me with twists and turns of events and characters. It's very rare to find a series, or an author who keeps impressed you from the start till the end, and Mead is one of that rare thing for me. ALL HAIL Richelle Mead! 8D

I have a serious problem at reviewing this book without spoil A LOT from it. I want to give a clear explanation about what this book about but yet I would kind of spoil everything happened on both Spirit Bound and this one too! *dizzy*. Okay then just aware that this contain spoilers *sigh*

At very first I was pretty scared while read the title. LAST SACRIFICE??? WHO THE HELL WOULD GIVE HER LAST SACRIFICE??? And well, there are a lot sacrifices here which I didn't see it coming from several characters.
This book is, like usual, divided by 2 major stories; Rose's journey to seek and reveal the biggest thing that might change the whole Moroi world, that thing related to Lissa, and she's not alone, instead Dimitri accompany her along (I was being frantic and happy at this part, no offense, Team Adrian =p); and Lissa's attempts to clear Rose's name with searching the real Tatiana's murderer and also prepare herself to participate on Moroi's ruthless politic world. At the process, Rose meets old and new people, community even; I have to say, for some reason I was happy to meet Sidney again =p; who each of them really has a meaning to be there, sooner or later. This book ends very 'grandly', although there's a bit guilt, a part of my heart and mind found their peace and I fully satisfied with it.

What I really love from this book is how everything turns to be so complicated and how Mead also includes complex things like politics, social class, and cultures in Moroi world (reading those quite dizzied my head a bit), and somehow all events have been very well planned from the start. It flows and connected to each other, and how no single character appears and being useless. And also the best part is the distinct character development which happen based on several situation each of them went through. Rose, indeed, never failed to be awesome; awesomely strong, persevere and simple-minded (action-first-think-later thing) but also an awesome learner from her mistakes. She's no doubt the best YA heroine ever for me =). The post-Strigoi Dimitri also happens to change a lot and I admit I love him better here, he's maturer, quite lively and respect life more, not all gloomy and rigid like before. Also I was happy to see the respectable, responsible Lissa, after suddenly she bears a great task that will change her life forever. Wow, I haven't see it coming, seriously thrilling and crazy!

I'm quite sure most of Team Adrian deeply disappointed with this book, or to be exact, to Rose. I do love Adrian, who's not, and also feel a bit angry to Rose, but somehow I really understand why Rose does it and afraid I would do the same as her if I was placed on hers. Somehow the more I read, the more I was certain that Adrian is not for Rose. Rose seems overwhelming for him, and then he keeps victimizing himself, something I don't like too. But I, from the bottom of my heart, felt really sorry for him, and literally hope Mead would somehow create a happy future and love-life one day. This was the only reason I got an urge need to read Bloodlines really soon (thankfully I've had it far before I got this book. lol)

See, how I can treat fictional characters as a real people. That's the effect of this series to me /=

Overall, well yeah, it might be the end of VA series but Richelle Mead created another spin off series, Bloodlines where we can find more about what happen to the rest 'unhappy' characters from VA (which I found as fabulous as the predecessor!).
I can assure you Vampire Academy is worth thousands praises and stars. It has every incredible and fabulous things you could imagine from a series and I can say this is the best vampire series ever =D. Yet, I'm a bit disappointed why this series hasn't opted to be an adaptation movie yet =(.
Add this series in your to-be-read list would not be hurt and for Indonesian fellows who are still waiting for the translation version, perhaps you need to find another way like I did to read this book, PRETTY SOONER *rawr*!

Happy reading! =D

REVIEW : Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy #5)

Author      : Richelle Mead
Publisher   : Razorbill
Source      : Bought
Pages        : 489 (Paperback)

Summary from Goodreads :
After a long and heartbreaking journey to Dimitri's birthplace in Siberia, Rose Hathaway has finally returned to St. Vladimir's-and to her best friend, Lissa. It is nearly graduation, and the girls can't wait for their real lives beyond the Academy's iron gates to begin. But Rose's heart still aches for Dimitri, and she knows he's out there, somewhere.

She failed to kill him when she had the chance. And now her worst fears are about to come true. Dimitri has tasted her blood, and now he is hunting her. And this time he won't rest until Rose joins him... forever.

Cover Glimpse :
The entire covers of this series are not my favorite. Somehow they're too raw and not really well-touched. The cover gives both exact and false assumption about what this book about. Maybe you think this book is a lot about romance but I have to tell you, yeah it's some love-making scenes but they only get around 1/7 of entire book, but the rest are all about mind-blowing action and ashtonisments.
Personally I prefer Indonesia version's covers to this. It's more gorgeous and dark =3

2cents :


SCREW YOU, 'CERTAIN-LOCAL-PUBLISHER'!!! (better not mention it publicly, or you might trace it yourself from my tags =p)



Probably I'm egoistically judging the publisher that way based on what I've heard from several people about what had happened to this publisher without knowing the true internal reason. And I don't really care *pissed*
Thankfully by any coincidence I found the English version on the sale shelf at certain bookstore and decided to buy it along with Last Sacrifice *with freaking cheap price,yay!*. Despite of my remorse because the whole series won't have even book form, I'm soooooo glad I bought them, because I could meet Rose and the gang and being totally captivated by the story again! Richelle Mead is such an awesome story-teller, she can make us addicted to her kick-ass, heartpounding storyline and love like all of her awesome characters, with their own qualities.


It's really nice to see Rose back to be around her friends in St. Vladimir again although for a short time because finally she gets the official 'Guardian' title. But of course no peaceful days happen if it related to Rose. Soon after her graduation, with Lissa who commits to help her in her 'secret mission', go through complicated and dangerous journey to proof something sounds impossible like a way to restore Strigoi, or in her case, Dimitri, back to their normal identity, while Dimitri also hunts her down once she outs from St.Vladimir's and Court's gates and eager to kill her. The story goes more complicated and at this book we learn more about Spirit user Moroi which surprisingly has the greater role on shaking believes they used to live since long ago.

This book distinctly improves and has a packed of complicated scenes, none of them failed to warm my heart and pump my adrenalin from the start until the end. I couldn't put this book down (except when I had to work, I brought this along with me anyway) and totally absorbed into it. Mead masterfully gives plenty problems which only can be solved by chronological extreme actions with surprising yet dramatic result. What I also like that Rose is not the center of universe here. Her friends like Lissa, Eddie, Adrian, and the new one, Mikhail, get important roles helping her action and you would realized that this story simply impossible to move if they are not around. I really adore the friendship, love and loyalty among them, how they trust each other's ability.

Rose is a solid model of the most strong, sarcastic, take-action-first-think-later, better-die-trying-than-live-waiting, notorious, reckless, determined, stubborn main character I've ever read. Especially in this installment, what she does on most entire book is absolutely, completely out of my mind and I almost forget that she's just a girl. How come a girl magically still survive after break in the most secure Vampire prison in the world (with Lissa's help) and jump into the Strigoi (blood thirst, bad vampire, maybe this is the closest form of vampire we all were afraid of in our chilhood =p) nest even manage to kill plenty of them. Crazy right? Still with those flaws I can't help but love and admire her. She's an interesting character, knows very well about her power and ability and doesn't even think twice to safe people she loves. Also she learn to trust her Moroi friends more since they have privilege to use magic.

Lissa is also being maturer and more responsible, more credit for her. She doesn't act spoiled and fully depend on Rose, instead she initiatives to learn more about her spirit power and takes an action almost as reckless as Rose, and also the best part, manages to repair her relationship with Christian =D. Oh man, so happy Christian gets more part here and I really love his witty and sarcastic lines!

Talking about problem choosing between Dimitri or Adrian, I have to say, regretfully I still put my heart on Dimitri. I really like them, both of them are so different yet charming, in this case I really understand Rose's feeling about this (although I don't like her seems two-timing between this two). But Adrian has some issues I specifically don't like (okay he's funny, but he's a little spoiled and loves cigarette and liquor. No offense =p) while Dimitri, despite of already being a Strigoi and has less sense of humor, holds a lot of good virtues I admire from a man. So yeah, at VA series, I'm a total team Dimitri, and a fan of Adrian and Christian. Lol guys in this series are irresistible for a weak-heart like me *sigh*.

Spirit Bound is , I can say, a major turning point for the whole story. I ranted a lot at Shadow Kissed and Blood Promise because Richelle Mead totally broke my heart into pieces because of what she did on Dimitri. I knew there's a probability to get Dimitri back because no, he couldn't be damned, but then suddenly with a surprising way he's back, and bring another discoveries and problems, especially for Rose's (and my) heart, to deal with (ooooh poor Adrian!!! T^T). Then this book is closed with a shocking, major cliffhanger which made me so dizzy, thankfully I already had Last Sacrifice to devour next. I think there's no other series as mentally-draining as Vampire Academy, well maybe I just exaggerate.

See, I was babbling.
So I can't say enough, you need to read this book if you got your heart broken at Blood Promise. It probably would ease you a little or even add your anxiety. And for those who never read any, start to read this series soon, because it's BEYOND AMAZING.

Happy reading! =)

Giveaway Info : Tell Me Your Wish #6

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk ikut giveaway bulanan yang diadakan oleh Nana dari Reading In The Morning (klik untuk informasi lebih jelas mengenai giveaway ini ;)) She's so generous to hold a regular giveaway each month, so Indonesian bloggers, don't miss this chance! =D

Anyway, posting ini bertujuan selain untuk mempromosikan blog dan giveaway Nana, juga untuk menuliskan beberapa book wishlist yang saya ingin menangkan. Dan karena saya tau Nana doyan ma YA contemporary, jadi setengahnya saya rada 'bribing' Nana (well walopun tau kalo yang milih si Rafflecopter, but who knows ;D)
Wishlist saya :

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight 
by Jennifer L. Smith

Summary dari Goodreads

Sejak awal saya sudah tertarik dengan buku ini begitu liat covernya yang somehow manis dan imut (?). Selain itu buku ini juga mendapatkan tanggapan yang cukup bagus dari beberapa blogger luar yang saya ikuti. Ceritanya yang menurut saya cukup menarik, mengenai kisah cinta yang berawal dari pertemuan di bandara JFK karena ketinggalan pesawat dan menurut Goodreads, mengenai keluarga, memaafkan dan memberi kesempatan kedua. Saya pribadi suka dengan cerita mengenai cinta yang tumbuh dari bencana (ketinggalan pesawat termasuk bencana kan? apalagi tidak sengaja ketemu dengan belahan jiwa karena itu xD), tentang polemik di dalam keluarga, dan juga konon settingnya di London, salah satu tempat impian saya.
Buku ini tersedia di Open Trolley dalam format Hardcover (namun harga melebihi syarat) dan juga tersedia untuk preorder untuk format paperback yang akan dirilis bulan Januari tahun depan. =)

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare
by Melissa Jensen
Summary dari Goodreads

Seperti sebelumnya, buku ini juga sudah lama ada dalam radar saya sejak saya melihat covernya pertama kali. Ceritanya sebenarnya cukup ringan dan stereotype, dengan tokoh utama cewek yang 'invisible', biasa-biasa saja dan memiliki beberapa kompleks yang jatuh cinta dengan cowok yang terkenal dan hot. Tentu juga karena buku ini konon memiliki aspek yang saya sukai : art, french, italy =)

Buku ini tersedia di Open trolley dalam format paperback

Babe in Boyland
by Jody Gehrman

Summary dari Goodreads

Saya pengen buku ini sebagai kebutuhan untuk bacaan ringan,lol =D
Ceritanya sebenarnya tidak orisinal dan sangat mengingatkan saya dengan Hanakimi, yang tokoh utama ceweknya crossdressing dan masuk ke sekolah khusus untuk pria. Di sini alasannya adalah untuk penelitian lebih jauh tentang seorang cowok demi perkembangan dari usaha konsultasi cinta di sekolah asalnya. Review banyak orang mengatakan kalau buku ini cukup lucu dan menghibur, membuat saya semakin ingin membacanya =)

Buku tersedia di Open Trolley dalam format paperback =)

Catching Jordan
by Miranda Kenneally

Ngga perlu dipertanyakan lagi untuk yg ini. This is your favorite book and sounds good either, jadi saya pengen baca juga =)

So that's it!
Walopun dengan adanya batas harga saya cuma bisa dapet satu, tapi saya akan gembira kalo bisa menang =)
Wish me luck!

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