Cover Reveal #8

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some prettinesses of new series or sequels I found this week :

Let The Sky Fall
by Shannon Messenger
Expected release date : March 2013

Really happy to accidentally found this on Twitter-verse! The story is very new and interesting and the cover is absolutely stunning! I think it fits the story very well with a couple hugging and seems falling from the sky. Love the effect and the color. Definitely look forward for this title =D

Winter White (Belle #2)
by Jen Calonita
Expected release date : October 2012

I haven't read Belle yet but the story sounds really good and of course, I attracted because it has a pretty cover! =9 If Belle has baby pink, the sequel, Winter White has soft violet and I love that it still similar with previous cover and yes, still pretty!

Level 2 (The Memory Chronicle)
by Lenore Appelhans
Expected release date : January 2013

I also happily found this on Twitter-verse. This is also a new series, with an original and very interesting idea moreover, it sounds like Dystopia for me! I like the cover though, it pictures the story perfectly.

by Lisa T. Bergren
Expected release date : June 2012

This was appearing quite long time ago but never old for me!
AAAAAGH LUCAAAAAAA~! So smokin' hawt! Definitely fit my imagination of him 8D I always love the design of all River of Time series covers and this one is similar with Bourne's. So graceful and pretty! I really can't wait to read what Tributary is about, and hope one day Bourne and Tributary would be a book, physically =D

The Collector
by Victoria Scott
Expected release date : March 2013

To be honest I think the cover is too plain. But still it's very smokin' hawt and make me curious more about the story, because this will be told from main male character POV which is I usually enjoy very much. And also it has a pretty interesting premise about soul collector who falls for his prey. WOW!

Those are some new covers of sequels or new series I interest. They look amazing right?
So which one is your favorite? =D


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