Movie Review : The Avengers

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phew~ after 4 days hassled to get the tickets (and all 4 days were FULL BOOKED at ALL theaters in my town, wasn't that freakin' crazy???!), finally I could watch this movie, big thanks to my very best friend who willed to queue and buy the tickets (at row A! so lucky!). Thanks God! =D

I really excited about this movie after Captain America which I really liked, and known he would team up with some Marvel heroes : Iron Man (I've watched both movies and liked them. Stark's sarcasm was always amusing xD), Thor (haven't watch his, but I have to soon), Hulk (haven't watch his too, not really a fan of grumpy-big-green-half-naked-guy, that's before I watched The and 2 new characters who haven't get movie yet, Black Widow and Hawkeye (who was sooooo charming with sharp eyes and bow =D). I always love super heroes work on team-work like X-men, people do and solve a case together, so this one sounds really cool for me. I already predicted that this movie would be a bomb but never thought it would be really that hectic, It's just... wow. And was the movie deserved the hype? YESH! At least for me =D.

I really enjoyed this movie since from the start when each of them tried to adjusting with others and their mission, the internal conflict, incredulity of S.H.I.E.L.D's actual motive behind 'The Avengers' project. What I liked the most was how the writer inserted a lot of sarcastic lines, at some unexpected moment. Many times I laughed like alone at some scenes that actually looked nothing was funny at all but the conversations did. Maybe because I love sarcasm and too sensitive while hear them xD. The action was quite kick-ass and pretty cool, I loved the teamwork part when they tried to save the city from 'aliens' (they looked like alien for me) and I really surprised how I loved Hulk did his important part, punched those gigantic-things down while no one could, and slammed Loki, lol that the greatest part of all xD.

Watching The Avengers alone is fine actually, but I think it would be more enjoyable if we watched personal movie of each heroes first, especially Thor because the main villain here related with Thor. Well, I still have to watch it too though =p. Overall, this movie worth to be watched more than a time, and I think most of you already watched and loved this movie, so I couldn't say more. But if you haven't watch it, don't waste your time and hit the theatre now! I just hope someday they would make movies for Black Widow and especially Hawkeye, The Avengers' Legolas =D. Can't wait for the sequel, if there was possibility of it!


Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

I want to see this one! Glad you enjoyed it.

Hilda K said...

I haven't watched this movie yet, but I keep hearing how amazing it is! I'm not usually fan of superhero movie but this one is definitely a must-watch. Love your movie review, Elle! :)

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