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Monday, March 26, 2012


Finally the most high-anticipated movie adaptation has come, and I was really happy Hunger Games hit the theaters in my country right at the time it was released, even faster than at U.S *wink*. My sister and me were lucky enough to be able to watch the premiere at March 22nd! Capture of the ticket :

Yay! Me so silly xD
But seriously, I was so happy and proud,haha.

There were just plenty people at the theater at that time,around 30, because of subtitle problem (but I found nothing wrong with it actually ;( so strange) and maybe because the novels didn't really make a big hit here (or they just kept silent), very contrary at the overseas. People here started to notice after the publisher made a big announce about movie adaptation and they started to hunt the first 2 novels which has already out of print.
Well, I hope the movie version would make people love this series and start to read the novels :D

Talking about the movie I think most of you who already watched it agree : THE BEST MOVIE ADAPTATION SO FAR! Ever win from Harry Potter and of course, Twilight. Although I always happy if series i love will be adapted to movie, I'm also a bit afraid that it would be screwed up, lot of proofs already. Mostly movie versions are disappointing for us who already read the novels. Something missing and cut here and there, and end up out from theater whinning and feel unsatisfied.Same with Hunger Games, I really really worried because HG has scenes that I couldn't imagine how they could represent it into a big screen. It's a common they did cut and change some scenes and characters, but I think they're unnecessary either so that didn't change the story too much. I think because Suzanne Collins also took part on making process so it's awesomely done. One thing, maybe because I've read the novel and expected to watch one of the most violent teen movie ever, I got really tense since the beginning til hurt my neck. But I was too exaggerating. Because it's PG-13, the action scenes were soften, not as gruesome as the novel version. I've thought of course it would be very scary and not suitable for teen if they made it too bloody. But.... I have to say.... I dunno, somehow it's quite bugging me, felt like kinda.... cheated. Haha~ But I think it's already violent enough. I asked my friend who already watched it but never read the novel, and he said it was very good and intense =)

I really love how they created places and environtments, some even beyond my imagination!. District 12 and its people were exactly like I imagined, so gloomy and devastating. Then Capitol, wow... I really really awed how they made such a futuristic and sophisticated city with metal buildings and excessive citizen, I talk about their weird style and make up. And I was over-exciting on tributes introductional scene, Katniss and Peeta in burn costume, woaaaaaaah so that was how it looked like =D. So magnificent! On Hunger Games scenes, I believe I never read or thought about 'Play Room' or a room that control environments, disasters, even mutts at Hunger Games. Now I know how they did it, and it's fantastic and scary at the same time, how they lightly decided which disaster they would give on. The arena for Hunger Games was also like what I imagined, with Carnucopia at the center with backpack loads scatters. Pretty sure Liongates did everything they could to make this movie fantastic, best CG technology to make awesome visual adaptation.

I really love the casts, they're excellently selected and each of them can represent the characters very well! Jennifer Lawrence nailed it! She's totally Katniss here and could express Katniss feelings very well, like she was greatly trembling before Hunger Games started. I also shed tears too with her when Rue died *sobs*, very moving. Then my lovely Peeta Melark played by Josh Hutcherson. Although I haven't know much about him, he's good and so cute while smiling =D I think he's physically the same with Peeta, although his height was bugging me a bit, LOL. Just too bad they cut many Katniss and Peeta scenes, but at the cave one quite coped it. Gale didn't make much appearance but Liam Hemsworth was good as him, I like they showed his jealousy when Katniss kissed Peeta. I love they could portray Effie Trinket very well, with her eccentric and colorful style, especially love her pink-gold clothes. Then let's talk about Cato. I've used to hate him a lot, but why Alexander Ludwig played as him?! I was surprised when I saw Cato's movie poster, how could a cute big guy played as a cruel person like Cato. And more awesome, Alex did look as wicked as Cato but still I couldn't hate him anymore.

I can say nothing else but this movie is a must watch for intense-action and sci-fi lover (I won't recommend it to YA lovers who have already read the novel, you've been itching to watch it since long time) then you have to read the book after xD I really can't wait for Catching Fire on November next year. Sigh what a long wait!

Then, Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor! ;)


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