Movie Review : Captain America : The First Avenger

Monday, January 9, 2012

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I have to admit that the first thing made me watched this movie was because Chris Evans is the main role there *facepalm*. Before I had no interest at all at Captain America, although I fancy many superheroes movies, especially X-Men. But since at least it's a superhero movie, and last time i felt the same way to Batman movies and ended liking it very much, I gave it a try. And yesh, the same fate with Batman on me, I was soooo liking it! =D

The story itself is more like introductional. Captain America actually is a kind of experimental project to make a superhuman as a powerful weapon through certain injection, helped by Howard Stark (yup,that Tony Stark's father) and Steven Rogers is selected to became an object for this experiment, because of his kindness and bravery. What a bit bugging was beside a lame costume (it's the reason why I didn't really interest at this before), the story moved a bit too slow. It took some moment like a campaign to promoting himself which is more like embarassing himself, a part i didn't really like, before he really took a real action,first when he saved his friend and other soldiers who were being a hostage by the enemy. But I still could enjoy and touched by this movie :)

I like the background story of Steven Rogers before he becomes Captain America, an underestimate and bullied guy because he has so many flaws at his outer appearance (I admired how the CG changed Evans's body to a very small and thin man), but brave enough to join military to serve the country, which you know to enter the military required a lot, especially body figure and strength. It makes him more like 'human'.
As what I saw ar some movies, I can say that Captain America is the most down to earth superhuman. He might not as extravagant, super rich, and very high-tech like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne (well since he lived at the past), or as super power as X-men or Fantastic Four. He simply has power, recovery ability, and speed 4 times more than common human. And he's still very attractive to me in different way. I even shed tears a bit at the ending part, when he sacrificed himself.

Personally I really love this movie, because it offers a different superhero type. And Chris Evans acted better here than as Human Torch at Fantastic Four. Well, the point is, I always love super hero movies (I haven't watch Thor though, have to soon) :D
Now I can't wait for The Avenger which will be released this year


Anonymous said...

I love this movie as well. I prefer him as Captain America than the Human Torch. He was definitely down-to-earth type. He was still awkward with his love interest which was totally adorable.

I still really like Howard Stark, he is actually the father to Tony Stark. Not grandfather.

I can't wait for The Avengers.

Elisa said...

So glad you have the same opinion about Captain America :D and thanks for the correction,I changed it already. I think i need to re-watch it.
Thanks for visiting ;)

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