In My Mailbox #11

Sunday, January 8, 2012

In My Mailbox is a bookish blog meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren. You can show some books you got over the week which you bought, borrowed or given to you.


Whoa! I think I got awesome books this week! Well, they're not new, BUT STILL! =D so happy finally I get them in my hand *frantic*

Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
PERCYYYY!!!! So nice to see you again! =D
Rick Riordan is AWESOME and I'm so loving Percy Jackson series and I heard he would make appearance here (I haven't read Lost Heroes yet, my sister has) I soon have to read Lost Heroes!
Graceling one is published locally, and that's the Indonesia version for Graceling cover. Well, just too bad they're not use the US original cover. This one looks more like a comic book -_-; and if only they do touch more to this cover, I think it would be nicer.

Matched by Ally Condie
Crossed by Ally Condie
I read many twisted reviews about this series, but I decided to buy it. I hope I won't be disappointed =) My cousin bought me Matched HC because the price was cut until a half, so it's not even with Crossed which in paperback format. But it's okay =)

Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergern
I reeeeaaaaally happy to get these two =D Delirium is recommended everywhere and very glad bookstore at my country sells this with that PWEETIE cover! Love it so much!
Waterfall is a series I accidentally found at Goodreads. It has very pretty cover and the story sounds awesome too so I decided to try. Oh, and Waterfall is my first purchased at Book Depository, and it well-arrived =D I have to purchase Cascade and Torrent soon from it

So It's all I got this week. A BIG thanks to my cousin who bought me everything but Graceling here. Love you sooooo much! :D
What's yours? Leave your IMM link at your comment so I can visit you back and envy yours =D


Lauren said...

Yay for Delirium and Graceling! Both of those books are excellent. Waterfall also looks interesting. Happy reading! :)

Kristina said...

Great books this week! I have yet to read Son of Neptune. I was so excited for that one to come out. I should probably read it next! I hope that you enjoy your new books!

Ladybug Storytime

New follower :)

chelleyreads said...

graceling was AWESOME!! i can't wait for bitterblue. great books! enjoy :)

my IMM this week.


Giselle said...

Wow nice haul Elisa! I still have to read Delirium and Matched! Graceling was really good and I also love Rick Riordan! <3

Xpresso Reads

Jessi (Geo) said...

Great haul!! Enjoy :)

readaholicme said...

Great IMM.. I have to read many of these myself!.. Btw love your blog new follower!

Esha@ Readaholicme

Mrs Q Book Addict said...

Enjoy all your new reads! Delirium is a favorite of mine, I really enjoyed Matched and hope to read Crossed soon.

-k said...

I didn't know that Crossed was even in paperback yet! At least, I don't think that it is in Canada. Personally I can't wait to read it!

Amazing books this week and happy reading!

Christy @ TheReaderBee said...

Ah, great mailbox! I just finished Delirium, and it's SO good! I hope you enjoy reading it as well!

Jenna and Ashley said...

You got some great stuff:) Waterfall should be good (I've seen quite a few with it this week-that's usually a great sign!), and I can definitely tell you Matched and Delirium are AMAZING! Can't wait to hear what you think of Crossed as well.

Happy reading- and thanks for stopping by my IMM.
-Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

fishgirl182 said...

i didn't know that percy makes an appearance. to tell the truth, i've only read one other book of riordan's after the percy series (red pyramid) and i didn't like it nearly as much. haven't tried son of neptune yet but i might give it a go. :) enjoy!

my imm

Anonymous said...

ive never seen that cover for graceling anywhere! thats awesome!
I was just wondering what the inside cover (without the dust jacket) for Delirium looks like? like what color is it? just wonderin. thanks!!

Elisa said...

sourluvfacez : You only can find that Graceling's cover version in Indonesia =p
About Delirium hardcover without dust jacket, it's just a plain sheet with light green color =)
Thank you for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elise!

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