My Book Boyfriend (#1) : Cabel Strumheller

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I decided to join My Book Boyfriend because it looks fun and just to pleasuring my eyes =D My Book Boyfriend is a weekly blog meme hosted by Missy from The Unread Reader, it's to share fictional boys we crush, include stats, picture and quotes from the character that make us swoon. If you interest to join, visit Missy's introduction post about My Book Boyfriend. I'm not sure I'll post it every week, or at Wednesday like other blogger do. But I'll try =)

For the first MBB, I pick Cabel Strumheller of Lisa McMann's Dream Catcher trilogy ;D. He might not a perfect or superior boy, physically nor financially (lol), but he touched my heart with his understanding, love and acceptance to Janie. He's very rare type in this real world, that's why he's mesmerizing.

Description : A loner, smart, sweet, thoughtful boy with twisted past. He used to be a Goth who notorious with drugs problem but after he's been 'caught' by Captain, now he works as double agent for local police department. Janie's mother calls him 'Hippie Boy' and has a big scar at his stomach because of his dad's torture
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Bluish-Black when he's a Goth, wavy Golden Brown now
Love interest : Janie

"Janie attacks the back door of the school gym and finds herself in a heavy cloud of smoke. She realizes she's found the Goths' hangout. Who knew?
"Oof," someone says. She keeps walking, muttering, "sorry" to whomever it was she hit with the flying door.
Cabel:" ... That was the Goth stage where I decided I'd never get the girl of my dreams because of my scars. Not to mention the hairstyle.
But then she slammed a door handle into my gut. And, when a girl does that to a boy, it means she likes him."

"When," he demands. "I promise, all my heart, I'll be your house elf for the rest of my life if I fail to meet you at the appointed date and time." He leans forward. "Promise," he says again. He holds up two fingers.
The bell rings.
They stand up.
She's not answering.
He comes around the table toward her and pushes her gently against the wall. Sinks his lips into hers.
He tastes like spearmint. She can't stop the flipping in her stomach.
He pulls back and touches her cheek, her hair. "When," he whispers. Urgently
She clears her throat and blinks. "A-a-after school works for me," she says.”


“Captain : (looks at Janie closely) Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, you're gonna have a heck of a shiner by the time the day's over. Did you black our?
Janie : I...uh... I really have no idea
Cabel : (cuts in) Yes, I think she did. I'm going to need to watch her all day. And probably all night, too (Very, very seriously)
The captain throws a rubber eraser at him and sends him out for coffee.”

“Janie: So you're a double agent?
Cabel: Sure.That sounds sexy.”


“You're asking for trouble, Hannagan," he growls.
"And you would be....?" Janie asks. She giggles.


“Cabel regards Janie and sighs. 'I know you can handle it, Janie. You're such a damn martyr. It's tiring, really, having this same argument with you every time you've got shit happening. Just let it go. I'm not leaving.' He smiles faux-diplomatically.”

So that's it, 'The Older Peter Pan' Jeremy Sumpter as my Cabel. I know he's not the best image for Cabel, but when I saw his picture I was like "Oh, hi Cabe!" and then I decided to join this meme xD. And yeah, I have so much fun! Too bad there's no shirtless Cabe, he refuses to shows his body to anyone except to Janie =p
If you want to know more about Cabel Sturmheller, just pick up Dream Catcher series (Wake-Fade-Gone) by Lisa McMann. Thank you Missy from The Unread Reader for this fun meme.



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