Movie : Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Twilight Saga #4)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Whoohoo! I watched this at premiere here in Indonesia (on Nov 18, 2011)! 8D
Very lucky because Twilight Saga is the one of most anticipated movie here and people took their time to queued from the morning to got the tickets.
So when I watched it at the theater, I was really really surprised with everybody's hype over this movie (mostly were teenagers who watched this). They SCREAMED loudly (which i heard, some boys did that, OMFG) yeah at inside theater =_=) when Edward showed up, also at Ed and Bells wedding kiss, also at Ed and Bell's first night. Geez... teens sure can't get a grip these days /shaking head/

Okay... Breaking Dawn.
To be honest I was dissatisfied with the novel although I could still enjoy it. My love for Twilight Saga didn't make me blindly judge anything was good. No. I did considered something wrong strange with many parts of the ending, Jacob's imprint to Renesmee is a bit ridiculous (but it makes Jake keep staying with Bella Cullen right?) and after all, no actual action or confront with Volturies which makes all special ability shows of vampires from entire place useless /=. I just loved Jake's POV part and when bunch of Carlisle's special vampire friends showed up.

My reaction toward this.
This was /just/ like a romantic movie between a human girl and an old mesmerizing vampire.
Romantic at the first, and horror at the end.
I dunno... but without a shame....
No, not the story. Just because it pictured the novel perfectly.=D

Scenes were exactly like the novel. Even better than it. Because of that, for me this is the best sequel, despite the not-really-good story. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart improve their acting skill here, finally Kristen got her expression right as Bella. Rob also really good at showed more emotions. Just too bad, we don't see Seth to much /selfbiasednlol/

Hawt Jacob and Seth BooBoo, oh yeah. Romance overload, yes. Chessy lines, bunch. Hot first night scenes, absolutely and no censor (that's dangerous for teens at my country xD) and expected scary birth scene? oh gosh it was like a horror movie, gross and full of blood.
Wedding and honeymoon took an hour and it might boring but not for me. I shivered many times, especially at wedding scene. With right songs and instruments, made the atmosphere more beautiful.
The best part. Bell's pregnant and gave birth scenes were.... terrified. Bella (Kristen) was like a real corpse when she temporary 'died' and the transformation scenes was also awesome too!
I know a lot of people might hate this movie, even Twihard might find this movie not satisfying. But I fully enjoyed it =)

So can't wait for the next part, it's NEXT YEAR!


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