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Monday, November 7, 2011

I am trying my luck to get something from Beth Revis, the author of 'Across The Universe'. She's so generous and awesome enough to make this giveaway so I think you might join this too ;)

The book I most thankful is.....

Yap, "The Three Investigators" by Robert Arthur.
Very very very old and very memorable for me and I still love it until now (and I got several books of this series with extremely cheap price,yay! I'm so lucky because It's antique and rare, people out there sell it with very shocking high price 0_0). It's the best detective story for children, ever.

Indonesia Version
that I read =)
I was at the middle school when I first read this (like... 13 years ago??? Oh gosh...). I borrowed from my cousin who loved books at that time (I dunno nowadays, he's already married and busy with his family and his work as a doctor in remote area. But all books of this series is missing from his library =_=;) and after I read one, I snagged all of (about) 40 books and could not stop read it! I even thought to kidnapped them or kept them for some times, the first crime scene I've ever planned *wicked*
I think that was the first time I enjoyed reading so much, dreamt to be one of the characters, thought that I had to be smart as Jupe, or hoped maybe one day I would accidentally face a mysterious case like them and ended to be a famous detective at my country (and still dream until now,haha!). I also can say that this book was the first book that introduced me to reading and fiction world. So I thanked to Jupe, Pete, and Bob, for their smart and awesome adventures, more than Harry Potter and Twilight =D


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