Movie : The Three Musketeers

Friday, October 28, 2011

This is not the movie poster that showed at the theatre, just because it's better =p

Last week I watched this movie with my sister. Very excited because Logan Lerman and Orlando Bloom are the casts, totally biased =p. Beside Logan and Orlando, I find Luke Evans who played Aramis is mesmerizing too, especially when he wore a glasses and read a book, awwww~ *faints*

I think I have ever watched other version of Three Musketeers but I can't recall so I can't compare it. What I remember is I already liked Three Musketeers tale =)
Love the setting in 17th century; weird but gorgeous dresses, castles, horses and swords. Although nothing special beside the casts and effects, overall this movie is quite amusing. I laughed enough for some funny scenes, I thrilled at some action scenes but the romance didn't move me, because it's very lack of it. Moreover, the accent. I think French has unique accent, but it didn't appear too much, especially from US actors like Logan. Don't mention Orlando Bloom, or Luke Evans. They already had that accent *inserttonsofheartshere*

Watch this movie just for fun, don't expect too much wowers =p


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