In My Mailbox #4

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In My Mailbox is a bookish blog meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren
These are some books I bought for last days til today :


  • The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan (International Version)
  • Blood Promise (Vampire Academy #4) - Richelle Mead
  • Where She Went - Gayle Forman
  • Evernight - Claudia Gray (I can't take a photo of this, because it's buried on my book pile)
  • Stargazer - Claudia Gray
  • Hourglass - Claudia Gray
  • Naked Duke - Sally MacKenzie
Wow, I spent too much  for these T^T
So what you've got this week? =)

REVIEW : Fade by Lisa McMann

Fade (Dream Catcher Series #2)

Author     : Lisa McMann
Publisher  : GPU
Pages       :
Source     : Borrow

Blurb :
For Janie and Cabel, real life is getting tougher than the dreams. They're just trying to carve out a little (secret) time together, but no such luck. Disturbing things are happening at Fieldridge High, yet nobody's talking. When Janie taps into a classmate's violent nightmares, the case finally breaks open--but nothing goes as planned. Not even close. Janie's in way over her head, and Cabe's shocking behavior has grave consequences for them both.

Worse yet, Janie learns the truth about herself and her ability. And it's bleak. Seriously, brutally bleak. Not only is her fate as a Dream Catcher sealed, but what's to come is way darker than she'd even feared...

Lisa McMann's still awesome. "Fade" is darker and tense, but also painfully beautiful. Still amused me with real characters, fast pace and unique writing style.

At this second book, Janie learns (or struggles) to controls her ability, helping people who ask for help to her through dreams. She faces her first undercover investigation after secretly recruited by Cabel's boss at local police department. There's a secret report about sexual predators who drugging and rape some girl students disguise as a teacher at Janie's school. A coincidence too, Janie enters her classmate's horrible dream, she watched her friend was raped violently. So Janie takes a part as a bait for the culprit, which makes protective Cabel very mad.

Then about her dream-catcher ability, from a journal of her deceased dream-catcher mentor, Janie find a shocking facts about the bad effects of her ability. Actually it was predictable, a lot scenes told about her experienced some bad symptoms after entering dreams. But yeah it's wicked ennough and makes her really down, she can't avoid and have a hard moment to deal with it.

The relationship between Janie and Cabel grows to next level than just 'lover'. At first I was annoyed when Cabel took a distance from Janie, after everything happened to Janie at her first case and the dream catcher wicked thingies. But read the rest and I was glad this boy is still very very awesome. He's one of good things on Janie's 'cursed' life.

The English version cover is :
Again, although this one is gorgeous and seems meaningful, I don't complain on Indonesia cover. Still with the same girl, showing her whole body, but with half face. Attractive =)

Just one caution.
This series contains a LOT of sexual contents. Lisa McMann still wrote some sex scenes with quite vulgar delineation like before. But thanks God, not between Janie and Cabel =D
If you love "Wake" and adultery things don't disturb you, you'll love this like I do =)

Movie : The Three Musketeers

Friday, October 28, 2011

This is not the movie poster that showed at the theatre, just because it's better =p

Last week I watched this movie with my sister. Very excited because Logan Lerman and Orlando Bloom are the casts, totally biased =p. Beside Logan and Orlando, I find Luke Evans who played Aramis is mesmerizing too, especially when he wore a glasses and read a book, awwww~ *faints*

I think I have ever watched other version of Three Musketeers but I can't recall so I can't compare it. What I remember is I already liked Three Musketeers tale =)
Love the setting in 17th century; weird but gorgeous dresses, castles, horses and swords. Although nothing special beside the casts and effects, overall this movie is quite amusing. I laughed enough for some funny scenes, I thrilled at some action scenes but the romance didn't move me, because it's very lack of it. Moreover, the accent. I think French has unique accent, but it didn't appear too much, especially from US actors like Logan. Don't mention Orlando Bloom, or Luke Evans. They already had that accent *inserttonsofheartshere*

Watch this movie just for fun, don't expect too much wowers =p

REVIEW : Wake by Lisa McMann

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wake (Dream Catcher Series #1)

Author     : Lisa McMann
Publisher  : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Pages       : 211
Source     : Borrowed

Blurb :
For seventeen-year-old Janie, getting sucked into other people's dreams is getting old. Especially the falling dreams, the naked-but-nobody-notices dreams, and the sex-crazed dreams. Janie's seen enough fantasy booty to last her a lifetime.

She can't tell anybody about what she does -- they'd never believe her, or worse, they'd think she's a freak. So Janie lives on the fringe, cursed with an ability she doesn't want and can't control.

Then she falls into a gruesome nightmare, one that chills her to the bone. For the first time, Janie is more than a witness to someone else's twisted psyche. She is a participant....

I was interested to this series for a long time, but decided not to bought it for some reasons. And then, although I have a huge book pile, I borrowed this from my friend one day, and read the 3 books in about 2 weeks.

And yeap. Can't put it down.

My reaction.


I think I have to get one too, finally ;D

The storyline is uncommon and unique, depressing but addicting. Lisa MacMann is definitely amazing.

We see this story through Janie, a girl with too much troubles in her life. Her mother is an alcoholic and only care her bottles, she has no father (or she assumes so), she lives in poverty and above all, she has a gift but more like a curse to her that she can tell to no one. She can visit people's dream, or uncontrolly sucked and trapped into them since she was 8 years old. School life is even harder to her because a lot of her friends fall asleep at the class during school hours, at the library, at the yard, everywhere. Even her own house doesn't save for her too.

Then there is Cabel Strumheller, a notorious drugs user, loner, goth but turns hot after he changed his appearance. Cabel seems caring Janie a lot with some small treats and hide away his feeling to Janie. He also bears lot of burdens and bad memories like Janie does, after Janie entered his dream by accident.
With keeps wary on him because of what she saw a Cabel's dream, Janie falls for him instantly (and I don't blame her, who won't flatter if you have a sweet hot guy cares you so much ;D) because they have the same condition and they understand each other's feeling.

Janie and Cabel maybe seem so pathetic, but what I like the most is those obstacles make them incredibly strong. I really love to see how their relationship developed, how they always help each other, and very glad Janie finally can use her ability for goods, like Cabel does.

Although there's a lot complains for MacMann's writing style like chopping sentences, raw draft, or like short journal, I didn't find it bother me. I even like it, very unique way to write a story that so deep, heart stirring, and it doesn't make this story lost the plots and the feeling. And also, MacMann use a bit vulgar languages, a bit swearing, a bit adult things, but again it's still okay for me.

This is the original cover :
The cover gives dark and mysterious feeling, i'm so liking it. But I'm not complaining for Indonesia cover though. The drawing is nice, and i love the color combination for it, pale yellow and black.
So, if things above don't disturb you, I fully recommend this series to be at your reading list.

In My Mailbox #3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

In My Mailbox is a bookish blog meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren
These are some books I bought for last 2 weeks :

  • The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan (very excited to read this! Love Riordan books so much!)
  • Once A Witch - Carolyn MacCullough
  • Ballad - Meggie Stiefvater
  • Claiming The Courtesan - Anna Campbell (This is historical romance, an adult novel and I admit I bought it because the cover is so pretty *A*

Small note :
Actually I have another 3 new books, 2 are in my hand but the other is buried at my book pile while my house now is under renovation, and I can't get it nor take a picture at it. So yeah, I'll keep them for next IMM post =)

What you got last week? =)

REVIEW : Wither by Lauren de Stefano

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wither (The Chemical Garden #1)

Author     : Lauren DeStefano
Publisher  : Kantera (Indonesia)
Pages       :
Source     : Bought

Blurb :
What if you knew exactly when you would die?

Thanks to modern science, every human being has become a ticking genetic time bomb—males only live to age twenty-five, and females only live to age twenty. In this bleak landscape, young girls are kidnapped and forced into polygamous marriages to keep the population from dying out.

When sixteen-year-old Rhine Ellery is taken by the Gatherers to become a bride, she enters a world of wealth and privilege. Despite her husband Linden's genuine love for her, and a tenuous trust among her sister wives, Rhine has one purpose: to escape—to find her twin brother and go home.

But Rhine has more to contend with than losing her freedom. Linden's eccentric father is bent on finding an antidote to the genetic virus that is getting closer to taking his son, even if it means collecting corpses in order to test his experiments. With the help of Gabriel, a servant Rhine is growing dangerously attracted to, Rhine attempts to break free, in the limited time she has left.

If I have to review in one sentence :

'Wither' might be the first Dystopia genre I've ever read.
I always hesitant to buy dystopia book because sometimes the storyline seems errr...too tense, too 'heavy', too...strange. I dunno how to explain it but yeah maybe some of you feel that way too. Okay I purchased Hunger Games already, but still haven't read it no matter how recommended it was.

That was what I felt when I read the blurb at the back cover of Wither; woah really a bundle of tragedy and I can not really stand tragical series.
But again, thanks to all the bookish blogs I stalked which gave very high appreciation and recommendation to this book, finally I snagged it and NEVER regretted (just regretted why the publisher didn't use the original cover, it's soooooo pretty ;A;). This is very good debut novel of Lauren DeStefano. She has poetic, beautiful and very detail writing style until you can imagine you are there, you feel what the characters feel. I kept shivering at some chapter, I felt like reading a girl's true confession. So awesome-sauce!

Okay, this is the real review ;)

Wither's background is very eerie, about the wrong causes of human's (actually) positive effort, to find cures for terminal disease like cancer for a better future. But everything goes wrong. Their brilliant invention of that cures gives a deathly side effect : human's life span is shorten, boys only can live until 25 years old, and girls until 20 years old. That's not the only problems. Girls were kidnapped by 'Gatherer' from their home, at the street or from the orphanage and been sold to be wives of a boy from rich family. They might live at luxury and wealthy life and treated as princess, but behind that still lays scary facts : forever be a child-factory to save the human race and be a prisoner until they reach their age limit and die.

At this kind of world, Rhine Ellery, together with other 2 girls, Jenna & Cecily, are wives who be chosen 'brutally' (one scariest scene ever, I tell you) to be Linden's wives. Yup,poligamy issue. Each girl has different reaction to this. Cecily, 13, is very very excited and prepares herself very well to be a mother at very young age. Jenna, 19, admit she was dead already when captured and doesn't care anymore about her life. And Rhine, 16, who is really strong and determine girl, always tries to escape and back to her twin brother and her old life. Rhine is smart enough to find the ugly truth behind beautiful artificial environment and something wrong with Linden's father. I really adore her for that. We might see Rhine sometimes enjoyed live at luxury and she showed affection toward Linden but her desire to reach her freedom is a lot bigger than that.
I like Jenna too. Behind her ignorant mask, she paid attention and concerned a lot to little things around her,especially her sister-wives. She also supported Rhine's decision even helped her. I'm very sad for her sad ending. And Cecily, well... she was nosy and childish like her age. I get annoyed and pity her at the same time.

For the love story, although I support Rhine and Gabriel, I can't deny that Rhine's relationship with Linden is more developed. Linden seems sincerely love Rhine, despite the fact that Rhine remind him of his former death wife who he loves so much. With Gabriel, it is a bittersweet, like forbidden love between master and servant. I still wait for more Rhine and Gabriel's story at the next book.

There are still a lot mysteries unanswered, like what Vaughn exactly do at the basement, he really tried to find a cure or do other creepier experiment; and why people concern a lot about Rhine's heterochromia .
I really can't wait for the next book. I think I have to painfully wait until the Indonesia version will be published here.

Indonesia cover is actually nice. It pictures a girl inside an hourglass, with flowing sand, fit the lethal condition of the story very well. But still I think the english cover is prettier, pictures a girl with gorgeous dress, wavy blonde hair, with a bird in a cage, symbolizing Rhine's condition.

If you can stand any eerie, creepy, scary, bloody yet mesmerizing reading, this book is highly recommended and worth reading. And i'm sorry if I sound too exaggerating because yeah, 'Whiter' is too awesome like that :D
Solid 5 star for Wither!

Cover Reveal #1: Insurgent & Girl of Nightmares

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Because so many beautiful covers out there, I decided to make 'Cover Reveal' of some books I interested, that still haven't publish yet.

For this first time, I post 2 covers for the next series of Divergent & Anna Dresser In Blood :

This one has been announce a while ago. I like the effect on the tree, and the color is nice too. This makes me want to read Divergent right away *peek to my book pile*

*keep staring*
I really really want to read 'Anna Dressed In Blood', so many good reviews about it. This second book's cover is awesome too, a reverse of previous one, this is full of red and less white-gray. Very attractive!

REVIEW : Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy (Gallagher Girls #2)

Author     : Ally Carter
Publisher  : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Pages       : 264
Source     : Bought

Blurb :
After staking out, obtaining, and then being forced to give up her first boyfriend, Josh, all Cammie Morgan wants is a peaceful semester. But that's easier said than done when you're a CIA legacy and go to the premier school in the world . . . for spies.

Cammie may have a genius I.Q., but there are still a lot of things she doesn't know. Like, will her ex-boyfriend even remember she exists? And how much trouble is she really in after what happened last semester? And most of all, why is her mother acting so strangely?

Despite Cammie's best intentions to be a normal student, danger seems to follow her. She and her friends learn that their school is going to play host to some mysterious guests--code name: Blackthorne. Then she's blamed for a security breach that leaves the school's top secret status at risk.

Soon, Cammie and her friends are crawling through walls and surveilling the school to learn the truth about Blackthorne and clear Cammie's name. Even though they have confidence in their spy skills, this time the targets are tougher (and hotter), and the stakes for Cammie's heart--and her beloved school--are higher than ever.

P.S : Somehow i feel the blurb is exaggerating =p but well...

The second book is more thrilling, and more boys involve here =(
This book opens more mysteries that some are still left unknown till the end of book.

First, Cammie and her friends accidentally heard 'Blackthrone' from a secret conversation between the headmaster (Cammie's mom) and Mr. Salomon, and guess that as an all-boy spy school, like a 'brother school' of Gallagher Academy. But is that true? Why Cammie and the others have never heard about that before?

Second, we introduced to a new character, a boy named Zack, who always distracted Cammie from her mission with his smart and witty and mysterious behaviour. And he knows well about Cammie.
But, his true identity is still remain mystery
I think Zack is a young version of Mr. Salomon, but he's softer. I have to say, I like him more than gentle Josh ;) His characters are complex but fascinating combination.
His relationship with Cammie is uncertain yet, but I hope for a nice developement at the next book.

Again, in this book there is no real villain here (ooops, spoiler ;p), and sometimes I felt some scenes were exaggerating. But it's still enjoyable.
I give 4 stars for this book.

The English version cover :

I like both version. I like red plaid skirt combine with high black boots, very cool and so 'spy girl'.
The English version is nice too, the girl with crossing finger, like title says.

In My Mailbox #2

Sunday, October 9, 2011

In My Mailbox is a bookish blog meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren

Whooo, I didn't post 'In My Mailbox' for...3 weeks?
I didn't really get many books, so I will post some books I got from last week til now

I bought :

(sorry for very bad picture. I lost my precious cellphone, that was hurt me /:)

  • Succubus Blues & Succubus On Top by Richelle Mead
  • Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover (Gallagher Girls #3) by Ally Carter
  • Divergent (English version) by Veronica Roth
  • Grip of The Shadow Plague (Fablehaven #3) by Brandon Mull
  • Leviathan by Thomas E. Sniegoski 

I borrowed :

  • Dream Catcher Series (Wake, Fade, Gone) by Lisa McMann

REVIEW : I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You by Ally Carter

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Hve To Kill You (Gallagher Girls #1)

Author     : Ally Carter
Publisher  : Gramedia Pustaka Utama (Indonesia)
Pages       : 320
Source     : Bought

Blurb :
Cammie Morgan is a student at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, a fairly typical all-girls school—that is, if every school taught advanced martial arts in PE and the latest in chemical warfare in science, and students received extra credit for breaking CIA codes in computer class. The Gallagher Academy might claim to be a school for geniuses but it’s really a school for spies.

Even though Cammie is fluent in fourteen languages and capable of killing a man in seven different ways, she has no idea what to do when she meets an ordinary boy who thinks she’s an ordinary girl. Sure, she can tap his phone, hack into his computer, or track him through town with the skill of a real “pavement artist”—but can she maneuver a relationship with someone who can never know the truth about her?

Cammie Morgan may be an elite spy-in-training, but in her sophomore year, she’s on her most dangerous mission—falling in love

I have to say, this is COOL story! =D.
When I was a little girl, I ever had a dream to be a spy or secret agent, because it sounded very cool *face palm*. It's because I was a fan of 'Mission Impossible' old series (but i didn't watch Tom Cruise's version. I'm not his fan btw =p), and also unforgettable hot cassanova agent; 007 Bond, James Bond, so I enjoy spionage story so much ;D
I read this series a bit late, I didn't snatched it right away when it published here although the cover and the story quite tempting (pretty legs of spy-girl, whooohoo). But after read lots of book recommendation, I decided to read and yeah, I like it!

This first book tells more about how Cammie and her friends fullfilled their 'dangerous' school mission from a new teacher, Mr. Salomon who is a professional spy, dangerously hot and mysterious. And also, their mission to found out about Josh, a townie boy who could see Cammie when she became unseen among the crowds because she run her mission. Was Josh a 'honeypot' or just a commoner. And of course, a little of romance between Cammie and Josh.
There is no real villains here so the story lacks of suspense feeling. But still, it's enjoyable.

One thing makes me more enjoy this story is because almost all (or even all) characters are smart, even Macey who acts a rich biatch at the first time (Bex and Macey are my favorite characters).
The story is told from Cammie POV, and from that you know her interaction with others. I love Cammie's close relation to her mom and her 2 then 3 best-friends. I like her clueless, curiousity and confusion about boys, especially about Josh (Macey had important rules here) ; and 'ordinary lives' that she never had.
Josh is cute, I even like him more than Mr. Salomon. He sincerely liked Cammie, just too bad he liked the wrong girl who had to kept secrets from him. And what makes me adore him more, he still tried to safe Cammie even after everything was revealed. Just well... too bad....

This books is mixture of spionage, myteries, school or personal mission (note : Josh), girls friendship, and first love, and definitely recommended if you like strong, smart, deadly girls characters, mysteries and spionage world ;)
I give this book 3 stars, because although I loved the idea of the story, it didn't grip me, and I still could put it down a while =p

This is the cover of English version :


I like both of them. They just show half part of girl's body. English version shows Cammie's figure (perhaps) and Indonesia version specifically shows legs of Gallagher Girls, perhaps Cammie, Bex, Liz and Macey.

Watch Me ;)

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